Autistic Children Participate in Snow & Ice Activity to Welcome the 2022 Paralympics

On February 27, more than 100 autistic children in Zhengzhou, accompanied by parents and volunteers, came to Enjoy Snow World to participate in the public welfare activity themed "Embracing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games and Moving Together for a Shared Future".

Most of these children came here for the first time. As soon as they entered the world of ice and snow, they were deeply attracted by interesting projects such as White Castle, Ferris Wheel and Ice Slide. Some children curiously stretched out their hands to touch the igloo, while others watched the ice and snow performances with great interest. Some courageous children quickly joined others in the amusement projects and enjoyed themselves.

This public welfare activity is sponsored by China Association of Persons with Psychiatric Disability and their Relatives (hereinafter referred to as CAPPDR), China Administration of Sports for Persons with Disabilities and China Commission of Promotion of Publicity for the Undertakings of Chinese Disabled Persons, undertaken by Henan Autistic Parents Self-help and Mutual Aid Service Station of CAPPDR, and supported by Zhengzhou Cultural Center, Zhengzhou Seeds Rain Field Center, Zhengzhou Haoyu Intelligent Development Service Center and Enjoy Snow World.

This public welfare activity aims to use the ice & snow experience to popularize the knowledge of the Paralympic Winter Games, widely spread the ice & snow sports culture, carry forward the spirit of the Paralympics, and actively create a strong atmosphere for people to welcome the 2022 Paralympics. In this way, mentally handicapped children and their parents can go out of their homes and share the happiness brought by sports. It's also hoped that all sectors of society can pay more attention to and give more tolerance to mentally handicapped groups.

According to the data, autism is a widespread developmental disorder. In recent years, the discovery rate of autism is getting higher and higher among young children, and has reached 1/54 in the international world. Autism is generally considered as a congenital developmental disorder, which is highlighted by human communication disorders and stereotyped behaviors. These children are also called "children of the stars".

Chen Junjie, Chairman of Henan Association of Persons with Psychiatric Disability and their Relatives, said in an interview that they had organized children for a free journey to the Enjoyland Animal Kingdom on Children's Day last year. This year's activity was also held in Enjoy Snow World, which shows that Enjoy Cultural Tourism Group is a caring enterprise that is enthusiastic about public welfare and has a strong sense of social responsibility. On the other hand, the 2022 Olympic Winter Games have just come to an end and the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games are coming soon. We are very happy to invite children to the Enjoy Snow World to experience the ice & snow journey, so that they can embrace the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games and move together for a shared future.

Before the activity, the organizer awarded the title of "Caring Enterprise" to Enjoy Snow World. "We will continue to actively participate in social welfare activities, take the initiative to assume more social responsibilities and give back to the society with practical actions." Zhang Hongchao, Deputy General Manager of the Market Center of Enjoy Cultural Tourism Group, said.

As one of the 226 scenic areas in the province that participated in the ticket-free activities recently, the Enjoy Snow World, an important project of the Enjoy Land International Tourism Resort, is popular with tourists. On the weekend from February 26 to 27, the resort received a total of 76,000 visitors. At the scenic area, the staff measured the body temperature of visitors, and checked their health codes, travel history codes and reservation vouchers. The visitors actively and orderly cooperated with the staff, showing their health codes and travel history codes, wearing masks and keeping a one-meter distance.

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