Cycle as You Sing: Zhengzhou Classic Cycling Routes

Are you tired of the fast-paced life of the city? Go and enjoy the slow pace of cycling! A lot of places in Zhengzhou are suitable for cycling and here are some classic Zhengzhou cycling routes. Go and enjoy the scenery around you in your spare time!

Route 1: Zhengzhou—Kaifeng

Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Avenue, about 50 kilometers in total, is the latest and widest main avenue connecting the two ancient capitals—Zhengzhou and Kaifeng. On this wide, flat and straight avenue, people from the two cities have organized many activities such as marathon, -the reckless running and cycling since its opening.

More and more people now cycle on Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Avenue because the 8-lane road is very suitable for cycling. The greatest advantage of the avenue is that it’s straight with almost no big curves or big crossings.

Recommended cycling route: Manhattan Square—East Jinshui Road—Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Avenue—Kaifeng Jinming Square—going back along the same way.

Distance: 114 kilometers.

Route 2: Zhengzhou—Zhongmou Yanming Lake

Zhongmou Yanming Lake is a natural ecological scenic spot with forests, lakes and wetlands. There is also the largest Yellow River Natural Wetland of the Central Plains around the scenic planning area, covering an area of 110,000 mu (1mu=1/15 hectares). It is very suitable for birds because of the wide water, deep forest, dense grass and a huge variety of fishes. It is said that nearly 80 species of birds breed here in spring and summer every year. What a spectacular scene!

The natural ecological resources in the scenic area are well protected, with prominent characteristics of biodiversity and excellent environment and climate, which has formed its natural advantage of developing ecotourism. The road to Zhongmou Yanming Lake is wide and flat, which is suitable for the “optimist” to cycle and you can also take a tiny boat here.

Recommended cycling route: Urban District—Jingsi Road Huanghe Road—East Jinshui Road—Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Avenue—Zhongmou Yanming Lake—going back along the same way.

Distance: 70 kilometers.

Route 3: Zhengzhou—Yellow River Levee

The road is flat and conducive to cycling from Zhengzhou, more than 20 kilometers northbound, to Huayuankou and Dahe Road along the Yellow River sightseeing belt. In particular, the cycling leisure corridor, more than 30 kilometers long, is a paradise for cyclists. The scenery here is natural and simple, filled with green grass, birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers as well as a lot of small pavilions along the road. When you are tired, you can stop to take photos and chat.

You can see many farm stays along the route. When passing the Yellow River Levee, you can alsocome across fisherman households. If you are gourmet food lover, you can cycle to experience the unique flavor of the farmhouse.

Recommended cycling route: Stone Lion of Beihuan Road Nanyang Road—Jiangshan Road—Tianhe Road—Yellow River Levee—Huayuankou—The Second Bridge—Huayuankou—going back through Huayuan Road.

Distance: 65 kilometers.

Route 4: Zhengzhou—Statues of Three Dukes of Zheng

The full name of Statues of Three Dukes is “Statues of Three Dukes of Zheng”, and the three dukes are Duke Huan of Zheng, his son Duke Wu of Zheng and his grandson Duke Zhuang of Zheng. The copper statues, 28.1 meters in height, are now a landmark building in Xingyang City. Looking to the east with steady pace, the statues imply that Xingyang will move forward steadily and guide our way forward, following the footsteps of the ancestors, to build a better home.

The Chenggong Square, where the statues are located, is also a good place for citizens and people of Zheng all over the world to pay homage, keep as a souvenir, visit and relax as well as a great choice for cyclists for entertainment. It has become a major landscape symbol at the entrance of East Xingyang.

Recommended cycling route: Weisheng Road—Gangdu Street—Nanyang Road—Jinshui Road—Jianshe Road—Zhengshang Road—G310—Statues of Three Dukes of Zheng—going back along the same way.

Distance: 50 kilometers.

Route 5: Zhengzhou—KANGBAI-WANS Mansions

Surrounded by green mountains and clear water, with Henan Businessmen Civilization, there is a bright pearl shining at the birthplace of Hetu and Luoshu (Two mysterious patterns handed down from Ancient China), at the junction of ancient culture of Central Plains and on the tourist route along Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Luoyang—KANGBAI-WANS Mansions in Gongyi City, a large feudal landlord manor in the three historical periods of Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China.

Encircled by Mangshan Mountain at the back, Luoshui in front, the Yellow River in the north and the Black Stone Pass in the south, it is dangerous and important as well as a good place with pleasant scenery. Although its simple appearance may seem to lack of the feeling of aristocratic castles, it is beautifully decorated inside. The perfect preservation of the buildings even adds endless charm to it.

Recommended cycling route:

Departure: Zhengzhou—Xingyang—Shangjie—Sishui—Hulao Pass—Nantun—Shili Fort—Liaoyu—Yingyu—Heluo—Zhanjie—Gongyi—Kangdian.

Return: National Highway 310—Kangdian—Gongyi—Dayu Valley—Zhulin—Xiaoguan—Mihe—Xingyang— Zhengzhou.

Distance: 144.5 kilometers.

Route 6: Zhengzhou—Fuxi Mountain

Fuxi Mountain Snow Cave Scenic Spot, the first batch of provincial scenic spots, is located at Xinzhong Town, Gongyi City, 58 kilometers southwest of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Covering a sightseeing area of 124 square kilometers, it is divided into seven scenic spots, including 126 natural and cultural landscapes. With overall characteristics of perilous peaks, clear spring, quietness, profoundness, ancient stockade villages and peculiar caves, it is the best choice for cycling lovers.

Recommended cycling route: Intersection of West Third Ring, Zhongyuan Road—West Zhongyuan Road—Shizhugang—Xingguo Temple—Ancient Capital—Jiayu—Tashan Mountain—Guozhuang—Sanchakou—Shanbai—Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor—Gaomiao—Wangzhuang—Donglin Lake—Mazhai—West Fourth Ring—Zhongyaun Road (circling).

Distance: 118 kilometers.

Route 7: Zhengzhou—Donglin Temple

Built on the mountains and near the rivers, Donglin Temple is a temple with a long history, numerous cultural relics and beautiful scenery, being collectively called “Three Temples of Zhumadian City” with Shaolin Temple and Zhulin Temple. Less than 500 meters from Donglin Temple, Donglin Lake, with pleasant scenery and rippling water waves, is an ideal place for tourist going for swimming, fishing, leisure and entertainment. The scenery of the lake and the mountain is charming. Cycling along this route is not difficult, which is suitable for family outings. I believe that after seeing Donglin Lake landscape, you will forget the tiredness of the journey.

Recommended cycling route: Urban District—Renmin Road—Zhengxing Street—East Zhongyuan Road—Donglin Lake (Donglin Temple)—going back along the same way.

Distance: 56 kilometers.

Route 8: Zhengzhou—Xinzheng Longhu Lake

Cycling southward along the old National Highway 107 from Zhengzhou, you can arrive at Xinzheng Longhu Lake. Places with water are always beautiful! Along the way, there are also Longhu Holy Land, Taishan Village and other places for leisure and entertainment. You can also go to the surrounding university town to feel the spirit of students so as to always maintain a young mentality. This line is easy and suitable for first-time riders.

Recommended cycling route: Zijingshan Road—Old Xinzheng Road—Longhu Town—G107—South Fourth Ring—Songshan Road.

Distance: 48 kilometers.

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