Fairy Cave Scenic Area on Fuxi Mountain, Xinmi

Address: Shenxiandong Village, Jianshan Township, Xinmi

Rank of the Scenic Area: 3A

Natural Scenic Area: natural scenic spot

Ticket Price: RMB 40/person

Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00

Release Time: 2017/7/12 8:52:37

Introduction to the Scenic Area:

Located at the northwest of Xinmi, the scenic area covers an area of 60 square kilometers, at 300–1100 meters above sea level. It belongs to the extending part of Songshan Mountain, and boasts typical Danxia landform and unique scenery. There are numerous cultural resources and unique natural resources, including Fairy Cave, Tianmen Pool, Zongheng Valley, Fuxi Temple, old Kangshu trees, Xinghua Village, and Lingshi Mountain. The scenic area was rated as "Provincial Forest Park" by Henan Provincial Department of Forestry in 2005, and a 3A tourist attraction by China National Tourism Administration in 2009. The scenic area enjoys an advantageous location and convenient transportation. It connects with Provincial Highway S323 to the east and Zhengzhou-Shaolinsi-Luoyang Expressway to the south, only an hour's drive away from downtown Zhengzhou. It boasts the only natural mountain scenery within the 1-hour circle in the southwest of Zhengzhou. The scenic area centers on the karst cave of Fairy Cave, composed of Doulong Ravine, Guigu Valley, and Jishan Mountain, the three central zones. Fairy Cave, which is the largest karst cave in northern China, has a length of nearly 5,000 meters, of which 2,100 meters have been developed. Main scenic spots include: Jingxin Stone, Bowen Hill, Sacred Spring, Upside-down Golden Bell, Han Xiangzi with a Jade Flute, Moon Hanging High, Pine under Heavy Snow, Divine Tortoise Swimming in the Sea, and Jade Tree Like a Screen. In the cave overflowing with spring water, you will find secluded spots along the winding paths, and stalactites with strange shapes are scattered here and there. The cave is divided into 7 halls, occupying a total area of 15,000 square meters. The highest place is over 20 meters in height, and the widest place is around 17 or 18 meters in width. The largest hall can accommodate thousands of people. It looks like a coveted underground palace created by nature with uncanny workmanship.

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Self-Driving Guide: self-driving and bus routes: Zhengzhou-Zhengdeng Road-Xiazhuanghe (in the west of Xinmi)-Shipokou-Fairy Cave; Zhengzhou-Zhengzhou-Shaolinsi Expressway-Xinmi West exit-Shipokou-Fairy Cave; Zhengzhou-Zhengshang Road-Xingmi Road junction-Shipokou-Fairy Cave       shuttle bus: Xinmi East Station-Fairy Cave (departure time: 8:50, 15:50)

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