The First Mansions Of China—Kang Baiwan’S Mansions

   Kang Baiwan’s Mansions lives in the north of song Mountain and the south of Yellow River . It is an old and mysterious large–scale landlord mansions.

   Kang Baiwan(Kang the Millionaire) is a general designation to the family of Kang Yingkui since Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, and is well–known in China after the Queen Cixi entitled it, the family of Kang Baiwan did pioneering work from Ming Dynasty, prospered from Qing Dynasty using finance and benefit to get the land wnder heaven. Kang Baiwan was affluent for 12 generations lasting 400 years from the 16th ancestor Kang Shaojing to the 18th ancestor Kang Tinglan. Its time was Ming Dynasty、Qing Dynasty and the Period of the Republic. Its wealth reached Yu(Henan)、 Lu(Shandong) and shan(Shanxi). Its cargo was shuttled in six rivers, i.e. Luo River、 Yellow River、 Yun River、Yi River、Jing River and Wei River. The family was so rich that people said “Starting from Jingyang、Xi’an and stopping at linyi、 Ji’nan, even if traveling 1000 Li, you are still in Kang’s land.” During the times of Ming and Qing, people acknowledged that the three“Living Gods of wealth” were Kang Baiwan、Shen Wansan and Ruan Zilan. During the Period of the Republic, the saying“Eastern Liu, Western Zhang, between it is Lord Kang.” showed that Kang Baiwan was recognized as one of the three wealthiest persons in the Central Plains. The family of Kang held honest、 their promise、 hardworking and thrifty、 and struggle, kept neutral and scope attitude of the Confucianists. They built a family dynasty using over 400 years and became a successful model of Yu Businessmen.

Kang Baiwan’s Mansions represents the 1600-1700’s architecture art of North China Loess Altiplano Eudal Fortress its site is hills, buildings beside roads, docks on rivers, fortress walls onsteeps. It is such a large-scale landlord mansions that each part of it is a system, all functions are prepared, positions are precise. It reflects various styles of peasant, official and merchant. Its stone-carvings, wood-carvings and brick-carvings, and the thoughts of the Confucianists with the old family history of Kang Baiwan for 12 generations lasting over 400 years show that they are important culture treasures. Kang Baiwan’s Mansions shows blockhouse buildings of Ming and Qing dynasty in China and precious cultural tourism landscape. So Kang Baiwan’s Mansions is becoming a key cultural relic to be protected throughout the country and is becoming a tourism landscape of AAAA Level.

Kang Baiwan’s Mansions has a Keeping-scope Tablet praised famous tablets of China, has a bed with a ceiling and carving art that was used 1700 hours to make, has Zang Grape Tree with the family of Kang up and down history … Kang Baiwan’s Mansions is a history abbreviation, which has Engineering Ethics、Customary and Architecture of the Chinese nation. Kang Baiwan’s Mansions not only saw a family’s rising and declining during over 20 generations but also recorded large history changes of Ming Dynasty、Qing Dynasty and the Period of the Republic. So Kang Baiwan’s Mansions is called the first mansions of China.



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