Yellow River Huayuankou Scenic Area

Address: West 4th Ring Road, Huiji District, Zhengzhou

Rank of the Scenic Area: 3A

Type of the Scenic Area: forest park

Ticket Price: free

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Release Time: 2018/1/12 11:48:16

Introduction to the Scenic Area:

The scenic area is located on the south bank of the Yellow River, 18 kilometers from the northern suburbs of Zhengzhou City, and 12 kilometers east of Beimang Mountain. According to the folklore, originally it was not called “huayuankou” (meaning “garden estuary” in Chinese). During the Song Dynasty, sluices were built here to control the flow of water. Thus villages were gradually formed. During the Ming Dynasty, a garden was built here and a ferry was formed, named Huayuankou. In June 1938, the Japanese army approached Zhengzhou, and the Nationalist troops blew up a dike here, which is the incident called “1938 Yellow River flood” shocking the whole world. In today’s Huayuankou, about ten thousand mu of sandy wasteland has been changed to fertile farmland, and green willows, colorful fruits, swimming ducks and fishes leaping out of water can be seen everywhere. The Yellow River Highway Bridge with a total length of 5,550 meters flies across the north and south banks. Old and new scenic spots, such as General Dam, Iron Rhinoceros, the boundary tablet, the memorial tablet, Eight Diagrams Pavilion, and Bathing Beach, are telling extraordinary stories one after another to tourists. The Yellow River Ecotourism Area was built at 5 km east of the Yellow River Bridge. It is composed of five major landscapes, including Yellow River Dike scenery, Recreation and Entertainment Park, the pasture, Mother Lake and the Yellow River natural scenery area.

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