Fuxi Grand Canyon

Address: Zhonggou Village, Jianshan Scenic Area Management Committee, Xinmi

Rank of the Scenic Area: 4A

Type of the Scenic Area: Natural Scenic Area

Ticket Price: RMB 30 per person

Opening Hours: 08:00-19:00 from March to October

Release Time: 2017/7/11 17:06:56

Introduction to the Scenic Area

Fuxi Grand Canyon is located in Zhonggou Village, Jianshan Management Committee, 20 kilometers northwest of Xinmi City. There are mountains with dense flowers and trees. The total length of the Grand Canyon is eight kilometers long and the depth varies from 200 meters to 300 meters. All the year round, water demonstrates various postures here such as flowing streams, flying waterfalls, and still ponds. The surface of giant rocks is as smooth as mirrors. Main scenic spots include Feilong Pool, Wolong Platform, Wangjiang Platform, Horse Hoof Valley and Ancestor Temple. The scenic area demonstrates various sceneries in four seasons. In spring, beautiful flowers are in full bloom. In summer, streams and waterfalls bring coolness. In autumn, wild fruits mature and fall from trees. In winter, rocks are covered with white snow.

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Seasonal Characteristics: Red autumnal leaves in October with the fragrance of wild chrysanthemum

Tourist Commodities: Native eggs, honeysuckle, and honey

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Main Routes: Major scenic spots include Wolong Platform, Wangjiang Platform, Old Oak Tree, Site of Nuwa Patching up Sky, Shengui Zhezu, Five-Color Stone, Jiulong Pool, Boji Pool, and Guanyun Waterfall.

Traffic Information: Around 30 minutes of drive away from downtown Xinmi

Self-Driving Guide: The temperature is around 15-30 degrees from March to October.

Tourist Shuttle Bus, Bus and Metro: Xinmi East Railway Station, and West Railway Station—Jianshan Scenic Area Management Committee—Central Plains and Western Henan Anti-Japanese Memorial Garden—Fuxi Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Surrounding Tourist Attraction: Central Plains and Western Henan Anti-Japanese Memorial Garden 

Accommodation: Cheered Hotel (five stars) 0371-69858888

Dining: Farm yard in the scenic area

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