Yellow Emperor’s Native Place Scenic Spot

Address: Middle Section of Xuanyuan Road, Xinzheng City, Henan

Rank of the Scenic Area:4A

Type of the Scenic Area: Other

Ticket Price: Free Ticket

Opening Hours: Spring and Summer 08:30-18:30; Autumn and Winter 08:30-17:30

Release Time: 2016/4/13 17:15:19

Introduction to the Scenic Area

In the ancient time, Xinzheng, Henan, is the Youxiong Country, where the Yellow Emperor, honored as the first ancestor of all Han Chinese, born, started a career and established a city. It is the holy land for all the Chinese people to seek roots and worship ancestors. Besides, it is a 4A scenic area, a Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level, a National Patriotism Education Base of China Federation of Returned Overseas, and one of the Top 10 Scenic Areas of Zhengzhou. The Ancestral Hall of Yellow Emperor’s Native Place was established in Han Dynasty, and repaired in the fourth year of Longqing Period of Ming (1570); in the 54th year of Kangxi Period of Qing (1715), the monument of “Yellow Emperor’s Native Place” was rebuilt. The scenic area covers an area of 70,000 square meters, highlighting the topic of “the root of Chinese” with the overall layout. It is, from north to south, divided into Ancestor Worship Square, Mountains of XuanYuan, Ancestral Hall of Yellow Emperor’s Native Place, and Chinese Family Name Square respectively, forming three sectors of “Sky, Land and Human”. This scenic area

s ancestor worship ceremony on Saturday and Sunday regularly, we hearty welcome all the Chinese people to seek roots, worship ancestors and have tour and sightseeing.

Service Information

Special Guide

Docent Price: Gold Class Docent RMB 100, Silver Class Docent RMB 80 and Docent RMB 40.

Seasonal Characteristics: Hold the Ancestor Worship Ceremony on Lunar March 3rd in Yellow Emperor’s Native Place

Tourist Commodities: 1. Pictures, scarves and tripods of Yellow Emperor, souvenirs of the Book of Family Names and other tourist commodities; Tel: 0371—69902555;

2. Haoxiangni Jujube exclusive shop; Tel: 0371—62466388

Traffic Information

Parking Information: The West Parking has about 80 spaces

Main Routes: 1. Scenic Area Routes are, from north to south, respectively: Ancestor Worship Square, Mountains of XuanYuan, Ancestral Hall of Yellow Emperor’s Native Place, and Chinese Family Name Square.

2. Introduction to scenery: Ding (Tripods) of Yellow Emperor (No.1 Ding in the world) is in the center of this scenic area. The tripod is 6.99 meters high, 4.7 meters in diameter and weighs 24 tons. There are nine dragons on the empty and protruding part, which means Jiuzhou (a poetic name for China); treasure beads are upon the dragons’ heads, indicating Jiumang (radiate brilliant light); and the three legs of the tripod imitate the foot of a bear, with an implied meaning that Yellow Emperor established the country in Youxiong (around Xinzheng, Henan).

Traffic: 1. 30 minutes’ drive from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, 0371—96666、65991111;

2. 2 minutes’ drive from Xinzheng Bus Station, 0371—62693180;

3. Xinzheng Taxi Company, Tel: 0371—62666668.

Self-Driving Guide

Tourist Shuttle Bus, Bus and Metro: 1. Bus 1, RMB 2/person, Xiguan Bus Station—Yellow Emperor’s Native Place—Yanhuang Square—Xinzheng Railway Station

2. Bus 101, RMB 1/person, Xiguan Bus Station—East Gate of Yellow Emperor’s Native Place—Zhengguo Chariot Pits Spot—SIAS

3. Sightseeing Bus, RMB 1/person, Yellow Emperor’s Native Place—Yanhuang Square—Zhengfengyuan

Surrounding Tourist Attractions: Xinzheng Museum (2A): 0371—62698808; Zhengguo Chariot Pits Spot: 0371—62672189

Accommodation: The Palace Hotel: 0371—62599999; Yiju Budget Hotel: 0371—62626666

Dining: The Palace Hotel: 0371—62599999; Dahe Jinhong Hotel: 0371—62683777

Other Information

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