Announcement of Opening Songshan Mountain Scenic Area

Dear tourists,

In view of the gradual improvement of the national epidemic situation, but the prevention and control has not yet been completely ended, Songshan scenic spot has decided to officially open some areas, excluding religious venues and indoor exhibition areas, to the public from March 23, 2020 on the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of COVID-19.

I.    Open Areas and Time

1.   Open areas of Shaolin Scenic Area: all scenic spots (except for Changzhu Courtyard, Chuzu An, and Erzu An of Shaolin Temple, and other religious places and martial arts schools).

2.   Open areas of Songyang Scenic Area: Taishi Mountain, Songyang Academy, Songyue Temple Tower.

3.   Open areas of Zhongyue Scenic Area: Luya Waterfall, Star Watching Platform.

4.   Each scenic area is open daily from 8:00 to 17:00.

II    Passenger Volume Restrictions

The passenger volume will be restricted according to the requirement of "no more than 50% of the maximum daily carrying capacity of each scenic area". The daily tourists of Shaolin Scenic Area will be restricted to 34,000, the same f Songyang Scenic Area will be restricted to 14,000, and the same of Zhongyue Scenic Area will be restricted to 10,000. When it is about to reach the daily tourist reception limit, a public announcement will be issued to stop selling tickets.

III  Ticket Price

Affected by COVID-19, according to the government's requirements, religious places cannot be opened temporarily. The ticket price of each scenic spot within Songshan Scenic Area will be 50% off, and it will be restored to their original prices after religious places are fully opened to the public. That is, the ticket price will be reduced from RMB 80/Person to RMB 40/Person for Shaolin Scenic Area, from RMB 50/Person to RMB 25/Person for Taishi Mountain, from RMB 30/Person to RMB 15/Person for Songyang Academy, from RMB 40/Person to RMB 20/Person for Songyue Temple Tower, and from RMB 50/Person to RMB 25/Person for Luya Waterfall, both valid on the day.

IV.  Ticket Information

1.   During the epidemic control, the ticket of Songshan Scenic Area is mainly sold online in contactless manner. All tourists can book tickets in real names through Meituan, Ctrip, Lvmama, LY.COM, Qunar and other e-commerce platforms, or the WeChat official account of Songshan Scenic Area (WeChat ID: songshanjingqu) in advance.

2.   After booking the ticket successfully, you must go to the entrance of the scenic area for epidemic prevention inspection, and then scan your ID card or the QR code of the ticket booked to start your visit.

3.   Those who are over 60 years old, children under 6 years old (less than 1.2 m), soldiers, journalists, and holders of the one child certificate still enjoy the original preferential policies, and they need to go to the ticket window of the scenic area to complete ticket exchange and admission procedures with valid documentation.

4.   In order to thank the medical staffs who worked at the front line night and day, Songshan Scenic Area will be opened to the medical staffs nationwide for free from March 23 to December 31, 2020. When entering the scenic area, you must show your original ID card and valid practice certificate (medical practitioner certificate, nurse certificate, or nurse practitioner certificate), go to the ticket window of the scenic area to handle the admission procedures, and enter the scenic area after accepting epidemic prevention inspection.

5.   Team tickets for travel agency: The number of each tourist group cannot exceed 30 persons. The tour guide must submit the stamped version of the Group Plan, Tourist Information Registration Form (name, ID No. and mobile phone number), health commitment to the Sales Office of Marketing Department of Songshan Scenic Area before 8:00 a.m. upon the arrival of the scenic area, and then handle the ticket affairs at the ticket office. The fees of tickets can be paid by WeChat or Alipay. Service hotline: Sales Office 0371-62749300, Ticket Office 0371-62746661.

V.   Tips for Tourists

1.   All tourists who come to the scenic area must wear masks, and guided by the staff of the scenic area, scan the "Health QR Code" at the entrance of the ticket gate, tourist service hall, etc. The risk-free person, who displays a green QR code and has a normal body temperature, can go through the admission procedures. Those high-risk personnel who display yellow or red QR codes and those have abnormal body temperature will be rejected by the scenic area, and the scenic area will take emergency epidemic prevention and control measures against them and report to the local epidemic prevention department.

2.   When taking the scenic tourist coach, tourists must consciously line up under the guidance of the staff, purchase tickets by scanning the QR code with WeChat, Alipay and other contactless modes, and seat in a manner required by the staff.

3.   During the visit, tourists should consciously keep a safe distance of more than 1.5 m with others, and keep a distance of more than 2 m with non-partners.

4.   The group tourists should enter the scenic area in different time periods and intervals to avoid centralized admission, and keep the decentralized touring.

5.   Until the COVID-19 is fully ended, we will not accept foreign tourists temporarily.

It is a good time to start your Spring outing and enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Songshan Mountain Scenic Area. In Songshan Mountain Scenic Area, we have carried out the overall training on the environmental sanitation disinfection and sterilization and the safe epidemic prevention services for employees. We will take strong epidemic prevention and control measures and offer high-quality and considerate services. Welcome to Songshan Mountain!

If you have any questions or need help, please call: 0371-62745000 / 0371-62745599.

It is hereby announced.

March 23, 2020

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration