Beautiful Scenery and Wonderful Tour in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden during the National Day Holiday

During the National Day holiday, Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden attracted many visitors inside and outside of the province with traditional folk performances and exhibitions, excellent service, unique greenhouse butterfly orchid and Chrysanthemum exhibitions exclusive to the National Day. While appreciating the ecological beauty and experiencing the folk culture, visitors also pay more attention to the civilized tourism, thus it combines the beautiful scenery, charming flower exhibitions and civilized behaviors of visitors. Although the golden week ended, the folk exhibition hall and the butterfly orchid exhibition will continue until October 31 while the National Day Chrysanthemum exhibition will continue until October 15. The tour to Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden goes viral among people, especially the flower exhibitions, which are very popular!

During the golden week, various activities had been held, including 2019 Intangible Cultural Heritage Flash Mob Themed with “I and my motherland”, folk sedan performance, Kaifeng drum performance, “Drum for the New Era”, Taihang Charm, Laolouzhuang dragon dance performance, Intangible Cultural Heritage Works Exhibition, Handicrafts and Fine Arts Exhibition, Chinese time-honored brands, Zhongyuan Quality Works Exhibition, Butterfly Orchid Exhibition, National Day Chrysanthemum Exhibition and other activities. Most activities were exhibitions related to national or provincial intangible cultural heritage, and the excellent traditional crafts, which can represent the traditional culture essences of the Chinese nation, thus visitors can have a better understanding of the patriotic education and traditional Chinese culture during the National Day. At the same time, it also attracted many visitors to capture the happy moments.

While enjoying the performances and the picturesque scene, the civilized behaviors of visitors had also become beautiful scenery in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden. During the holiday, the Garden actively carried out civilized tourism service activities. For example, volunteers distributed civilized tourism promotion materials in order to publicize the common sense of civilized tourism, explain the precautions, etc., thus all visitors can have a civilized, green and safe trip. It is the aim of Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden to make visitors experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture during the civilized tourism, and become the ones to inherit and drive the civilization.

In addition, the 9th Butterfly Orchid Exhibition in Henan Province, hosted by Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden, will continue to be open to public. This exhibition features with multifarious flower types of butterfly orchids in 13 creative themes, including “Green Mountains and Clear Rivers”, “Flower Corridor”, “A Great Distance in Shenzhen” and “Youth”. Welcome to Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden!


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