Symposium on the Chinese Regional Economists 50 Forum Unveiled in Zhengzhou to Implement the Yellow River Strategy and Discuss Regional Development

To implement the Yellow River Strategy and discuss regional development,

the Symposium on the Chinese Regional Economists 50 Forum was unveiled in Zhengzhou.

Xu Liyi, a member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Henan Provincial Committee and secretary of CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, and Wang Xinwei, vice governor of Henan Province and mayor of Zhengzhou attended the opening ceremony.

On November 1, the 17th Symposium on the Chinese Regional Economists 50 Forum was unveiled in Zhengzhou. Well-known experts and scholars of China have exchanged with each other centering on the theme of "The Ecological Protection and High-quality Development in the Yellow River Basin - The Position and Mission of the Central City Along the Yellow River" to contribute their insightful observations. Xu Liyi delivered a speech; Wang Xinwei presided over the opening ceremony and addressed the symposium.

The opening ceremony was attended by Huang Qifan, academic adviser of China Finance 40 Forum (CF40); Zheng Xinli, vice chairman; Zhang Dawei, vice chairman and secretary-general of China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE); Jin Bei, chairman of Chinese Association for Regional Economics (CARE); Fan Hengshan, honorary chairman of CARE; Xiao Jincheng, vice chairman of CARE; and personnel in charge of relevant national ministries and commissions, public institutions directly under the People's Government of Henan Province, and major cities along the Yellow River.

Xu Liyi extended his warm welcome and sincere gratitude to experts and guests present. He indicated that it is a major national strategy to promote coordinated regional development, for which the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has attached great emphasis and rendered strong support for its implementation. The implementation of the strategy of "Ecological Protection and High-quality Development in the Yellow River Basin" (Yellow River Strategy) is of great significance to perfect the national pattern of coordinated development of regional economy, and boost the balanced and coordinated economic development of Northern and Southern China. Zhengzhou is a famous cultural city rich in historical deposits and also a growing city enjoying changing and booming development. The careful analysis based on the Yellow River Strategy reveals three obvious characteristics. First, the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Henan Provincial Committee, and the People's Government of Henan Province have highly valued the special position and heavy responsibilities of Zhengzhou in the national strategic development landscape. Furthermore, Zhengzhou is implementing the National Yellow River Strategy and the Rise of Central China Plan and plays a vital role in promoting regional coordinated development. Second, Zhengzhou is located in the economic and geographic center of China and at the key node that connects south and north as well as east and west. Internally, it strengthens its position as a hub; externally, it acts as a gateway to the outside world. The pattern of "hub + logistics + opening up" is the strategic development path of Zhengzhou as well as the direction along which Zhengzhou endeavors to build a new development landscape. Third, Zhengzhou is now facing an important period of strategic opportunities and boasts a solid development foundation, conditions, and trends, so all sectors of society are more optimistic about the future development of Zhengzhou. The symposium held in Zhengzhou is a strong driver for the development of this city. Experts and guests from all walks of life are welcomed to pay more attention to Zhengzhou and offer advice and suggestions to Zhengzhou to guide the development of the city. Moreover, Zhengzhou would like to strengthen cooperation and exchange with sister cities along the Yellow River to jointly write a new chapter for the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin.

On behalf of the CARE, Fang Hengshan remarked, to implement the Yellow River Strategy, it should adhere to the new development ideas, follow the economic and natural laws, and scientifically and effectively advance the governance of the ecological system, including mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass, and sand to benefit the residents along the Yellow River. Central cities along the Yellow River are highly responsible for promoting the implementation of the Yellow River Strategy and should take the lead in and provide support for such area as comprehensive governance and green development, urban-rural integration and city linkage, reform and innovation enhancement, inheritance and promotion of culture and spirit, and improvement of people's livelihood and well-being, and make greater contributions to the implementation of the Yellow River Strategy.

The Chinese Regional Economists 50 Forum is a non-governmental academic organization for public interests initiated by famous Chinese economists and an academic platform for discussing China's regional economic theories, policies, and practices, aiming to deepen the theoretical research of regional economy, raise policy suggestions that promote regional coordinated development, and boost the implementation of the regional development strategies issued by the state.

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