The Curtain Falls at the night of the Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden!

In the closing week for the “Night in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden”, eye-catching activities never stop their fascinating performances. The week gives us a great performance feast. Let’s see these sparkling shows this week!

The activities held this week is themed with traditional Chinese culture, presenting us the characteristic cultural charm of the Chinese nation with various classic and traditional cultural elements. The Monkey King performance makes us recollect the “insane monkey” provoking uproar in the heavenly palace described in Journey to the West; the stunning classic dance is even more eye-catching under the lights; the appealing allegro and crosstalk seem to be endowed with a happy magic; traditional acrobatics are breathtaking. The performance not only makes us review the traditional Chinese techniques, but also makes these long-forgotten techniques to regain the vigor.

The Night in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden is an opportunity for us to enjoy the picturesque night in the garden, in which brilliant lights echo with the beautiful scenarios. We can feel the unique serenity and ease in summer. When the music begins, there is a solo of fountain. Sitting by the lake, you may also enjoy the harmonious blend of sound, light and water in the Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden.

The Night in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden is our memory of this summer. Thank you for your company, which makes the night even more impressive and charming! Welcome to the Night in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden this week to celebrate the end of this night!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration