December 14—The Return of A Brand New Ski Resort

On December 5, the “2018-2019 Snow Season TOREAD Zhongyue Songding Ski Resort Press Conference” was held in Zhengzhou.

Li Gang, Deputy Director of Henan Social Sports Management Center, He Hongbo, Deputy Director General of Zhengzhou Tourism Adiministration Bureau, Liu Junjie, Deputy Mayor of the People’s Government of Gongyi Municipality, Qin Wentan, Director General of Gongyi Cultural Relics and Tourism Administration, Zhao Yang, Gongyi Municipal Bureau of Education and Sports, Li Zhengyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiajinkou Town, Gongyi City, Cui Xiangjin, mayor of Jiajinkou Town, Gongyi City, Jiang Zhongfu, Executive Vice President of TOREAD Group, Zhang Hongjun, President of CARVING SKI and Executive Director of ANTAEUS SKI, Qu Song, General Manager of Macearth China, and Yu Tao, General Manager of ANTAEUS SKI and TOREAD Zhongyue Songding Ski Resort attended the Press Conference.

The Conference announced several new highlights of the Ski Resort in 2018-2019 Snow Season as below:

More Convenient Transportation

The new tunnel in Gongchuan is about to be opened to traffic. There are 300 parking spots outside the Ski Resort. Depart from Zhengzhou, you will arrive at the entrance of the Resort in 1.5 hours.

More Effort-saving for Skiers

Tourists with ski equipment can take the 400-meter long magic carpet from the parking lot on the mountain or take the No. 2 cableway from the parking lot at the foot of the mountain to the Equipment Hall which costs less time and effort. What a brand new experience!

More Intelligent Services

With strengthened intelligent services and fully implemented online services including ticket purchase, deposit, equipment rental, and off-lease, tourists could embrace the intelligent world with a handy mobile phone.

More Optimized Process

The VIs and process of the ski tracks and in the Equipment Hall are fully improved and optimized, in order to promote tourist consumption, improve tourists’ comfort level and experience, and enhance the reputation of the ski resort.

More Abundant Gourmet

This season, the Food Plaza on the second floor of the Equipment Hall will provide more Chinese and Western foods with fair prices to meet consumers’ need.

More Enjoyable Projects

The area of the snow entertainment has increased to 5,000 plus square meters with added snow projects suitable for all ages, turning it into a new highlight of the Ski Resort.

More Professional Teaching

 “Songding Antaeus Ski School” promotes 9-level teaching and class teaching methods, popularizes ski safety common sense and precautions, and attaches importance to the awareness and experience of new skiers, aiming to reduce accidental injuries.

More Exciting Events

Fellow your heart, dance with the snow. Events such as mass skiing open tournament, downslope skiing race, and junior ski race will make their debut at Songding Ski Resort.

More than 10 ski tracks are expected to open in the 2018-2019 season, some of which are more than 1,000m in length, with a maximum drop of 270m and a slope of up to 30 degrees.

In the new snow season, TOREAD Group will join hands with ANTAEUS SKI, a well-known enterprise specializing in the operation and management of ski resorts and a subsidiary of CARVING SKI which is leading the skiing industry in China and listed on NEEQ. The Group will also introduce the operation management team from MacEarth, an affiliated member of TWC Group and the largest ski resort operator in Asia, intended to fully integrate resources, complement advantages and share risks and benefits so as to present a brand new ski resort for skiers and “make skiing better”!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration