Greenery Expo Garden Attracts Numerous Visitors during Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival, Zhengzhou Greenery Expo Garden saw a peak tourist time with more than 200,000 visitors. The Garden entertains tourists with a myriad of colorful recreational programs. Venues displaying and offering splendid colored-lantern making art, marvelous folk handicrafts, delicious traditional food and fantastic performances are all encircled by a large audience. It is said that festivities held in the Garden will last until the sixteenth day of the Chinese New Year, so you can pay one more visit and enjoy yourself to your heart's content.

During the festival, Zhengzhou Greenery Expo Garden holds a series of attractive activities featuring an immense flavor of folk customs. The Garden invites a famous lion troupe at a high reward to give performances of South Lion “Tall Pillar Caiqing (plucking the greens)” and “Lion Picking Lingzhi Mushroom on Cliff”, which are popular among the tourists. Along with the drummer’s drumbeats, performers deliver wonderful performances of somersaults, skillful movements and human pyramids on plum-blossom pillars. When watching these thrilling performances, tourists all hold their breath and burst out into cheers every now and then. Every night, more than 30 sets of Zigong colored lanterns like the “Chinese Dream”, “Resplendent Zhengzhou”, “Silk Road”, “Auspicious Year of the Rooster”, “Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Good Fortune”, “Halo of Totem”, “Love of Swan”, “Forest of Wapiti” and “Crescent” fabricated with superb domestic lantern making techniques are all light up at 5:30 p.m., making the Garden a dreamlike fairyland. Moreover, the Garden makes tourists’ holidays more colorful by providing music fountain show, motorcycle stunt, acrobatics, Russian dance, martial art performance, food street, temple fair carnival, Shehuo parade, woodcut exhibition, Jun ware exhibition, palace lantern display, and exhibition of woodblock New Year pictures of Zhuxian Town.


In addition, the lily exhibition held at the Garden is also a hot tourist attraction. In the intelligent greenhouse covering an area of 4,000 m2, there grows over 100,000 blooming lilies that send forth a pleasant fragrance. Indulging in the beautiful scenery, tourists all use mobile phones or cameras to capture the wonderful moment. If you traveled around the Garden hurriedly last time, just come again and take a closer look at it, because it will not close until the sixteenth day of the Chinese New Year.


Even though the Garden has passed its peak tourist time of the Spring Festival, it is still immersed in a festive air. All activities and performances will last till the sixteenth day of the Chinese New Year. Just come and spend a great holiday here.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration