The Afforestation Garden of Zhengzhou, a Wonderful Destination for Spring Outing in March


In March, it's a good time to enjoy the sight of flowers in a spring outing. The Fifth Flower Festival of Zhengzhou Afforestation Garden kicked off on March 26, and will not come to a close until April 24. Breathtaking and interesting parts including flower fairies, gorgeous sea of flowers, pet show and flower field concert are available in the Afforestation Garden. Those who want to seize the beautiful spring to go for an outing and feast eyes on flowers might as well come to Zhengzhou Afforestation Garden!
       Hundreds of Flowers Heave In Sight in One Garden
       During the festival, the flower show is divided into five parts, namely plum blossom show, tulip show, Chinese flowering crabapple show, oriental cherry show and peony show. They will be open to the public in succession. At present, plum blossom and Chinese flowering crabapple are in full-bloom stage, with red plums, Sorbaria and flowering almond adding beauty to each other. Swaying with wind, they sent forth pleasant fragrance. Midget crabapple, Malus halliana, chaenomeles speciosa and Chinese flowering crabapple contend in beauty and fascination. According to florescence, oriental cherry, peony, Chinese herbaceous peony and tulip will be in full bloom after April.  In addition, hyacinth, daffodil, purple-leaf plum, almond cherry, flowering peach, mangnolia, fructus forsythiae, winter jasmine, apricot blossom, pear flower, peach blossom, plum blossom, Chinese redbud, Syzygium aromaticum and fleur-de-lis are in full bloom in spring. You can feast your eyes on hundreds of flowers just in one garden. It's worth a visit for friends who love flowers and cherish them.
       With Flowers and Beauties, The Afforestation Park Is Too Good to Be True.
       Since ancient times, flowers have been well matched with beauties. During the flower festival in Zhengzhou Afforestation Park, gorgeous ladies can be found everywhere amidst flowers. During the festival, besides the flora sculptures in different shape, the ceremonial usherettes integrating dance and floriculture will provide you with new and superb experience related to flowers. Through the twelve flower fairies, Visitors are guided to perceive the real meaning of admiring flowers. The essence of flower admiring lies in visitors' inspiration from flowers. In a progressive way, visitors can get the natural and harmonious philosophy integrating "the true, the good, the beautiful, heaven, earth and human being".
       The Amusing Pet Show
       The cute pets not only influence children's mood, but also makes adults smile. During the festival, nongovernmental art troupes in Henan Province are specially invited to present animal shows, such as puppy rolling ball and puppy wire walking. During the festival, the art troupe will perform a wonderful "pet talent show" along with seven animals including goats, dogs, cocks, pigeons and magpies for visitors.
       Flower Field Concert, a Feast for both the Eyes and the Ears
       During the festival, professionals are invited to give an instrumental performance in the garden. The solo of Pipa, Guzheng, flute and cello will be performed in the main exhibition area. The consummate instrumental performance and melodious music will bring an unprecedented and tasteful sightseeing trip to everyone. On the occasion, visitors can enjoy a feast for both their eyes and their ears by virtue of the picturesque landscape and flower fragrance in the garden. Wandering in the sea of flowers, they can listen to the elegant and primitive music, get refreshed and recover their original simplicity.
       Fairy-related Flower Riddles
       Flower corridor and float are no longer fantasies. The sunshine of spring presents a vigorous "world of flowers" through the flower corridor. Flowers are ubiquitous in the flower corridor, which is full of suspended ball flowers and flower riddles. Visitors can understand the implied meaning of flower fairy in traditional Chinese culture through the fairy-related riddles, and enjoy the pleasant fragrance of flowers everywhere. They can directly and profoundly experience the glamour of flower culture.
       The flower festival of this year is still wonderful, highlighted by the brush of spring. Let's take off your heavy coat on a fine day, and go for an outing to the ecological land, embrace the spring and have a good time in the colorful sea of flowers in Zhengzhou Afforestation Park with your families.

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