Changshou Mountain Sees a Large Flow of Tourists in Autumn, Receiving More Than 1.33 Million Tourists in a Month!

For these days, the Changshou Mountain Scenic Area in Zhulin Town, Gongyi, has been crowded with tourists from inside and outside Henan to enjoy the red leaves, watch local customs and taste delicious food, thus earning it increasing popularity. In October, the scenic area realized a tourist reception of 1.33 million, hitting a new high. As of October 31, more than 4 million tourists visited here, and the tourism revenue reached RMB 60 million, far more than the number of tourists received last year.

During the National Day holiday in 2018, the scenic area received a total of 497, 000 tourists, achieving a tourism revenue of RMB 11 million. It has added entertainment projects with interaction, participation and enjoyment, such as 7D Glass Overpass, Colorful Roller Skating, Online-Renowned Swing Bridge, and Happy Fitness Park, attracting long lines of a soaring number of tourists. The tourist number and tourism revenue on October 1 are four times and six times compared with those last year.

Although the number has increased sharply, the scenic area still upholds the service-oriented idea, arranging over 100 volunteers to act as the cleaner, security guard, publicist and guide. It has kept its service promise—“we will not get off work until the last tourist goes down”— in practical action, to satisfy tourists various demands with all-round and profound service, winning high praise from tourists.

The time has come again. During the most beautiful and gorgeous autumn, Changshou Mountain has been covered with red leaves, and trees are dressed in charming colors. It is the best time to appreciate the red leaves. So give yourself and your mind a holiday to enjoy the magnificent landscape in autumn.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration