China Southern Airlines Newly Launches an Air Route to Bo'ao during the Spring Festival Travel Season

According to the current sales status of flights for Spring Festival travel this year, the travel peak in Zhengzhou Airport is mainly concentrated on February 7-15 before the Spring Festival and February 19-25 after the festival. Tickets for flights originating in Zhengzhou to Sanya, Haikou, Chengdu and other popular tourist cities before the holiday are currently in great demand, and some tickets have been unavailable. Tickets for air routes, including Zhengzhou-Guangzhou, Zhengzhou-Shenzhen, and Zhengzhou-Shanghai after the festival, are also expected to be in short supply.

During the Spring Festival travel season this year, 31 airplanes of China Southern Airlines Henan Branch are expected to operate nearly 2,200 flights at Zhengzhou Airport, carrying nearly 600,000 passengers. Among them, to ease the pressure on air routes from Zhengzhou to Haikou and Sanya, China Southern Airlines will newly launch a route from Zhengzhou to Bo'ao during the Spring Festival travel season from February 8 to March 10. One Zhengzhou-Bo'ao-Zhengzhou round-trip flight will be operated every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday during this period. The airliner will take off from Zhengzhou at 17:15, arrive in Bo'ao of Hainan at 20:15, return from Bo'ao at 21:55, and arrive in Zhengzhou at 00:15. In addition, China Southern Airlines will focus on adding flights on the air routes from Zhengzhou to Huizhou and Phuket.

China Southern Airlines has issued discounted tickets for part of flights originating in Zhengzhou. For example, Zhengzhou-Guangzhou, priced from RMB 490 before the festival; Zhengzhou-Ningbo, priced from RMB 270 before the festival; Zhengzhou-Shenzhen, priced from RMB 450 before the festival; Zhengzhou-Urumqi, priced from RMB 1,010 before the festival; Zhengzhou-Zhuhai, priced from RMB 790 before the festival (taxes excluded in the above prices).

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