Guide to the 12th Zhengzhou (China) International Shaolin Kongfu Festival

01 An International Event Integrating Kongfu, Tourism, and Cultural Exchange


Since 1991, Zhengzhou (China) International Shaolin Kongfu Festival has followed the principle of “making friends with Kongfu and mutual improvement” and its previous 11 sessions were successfully held, undergoing a glorious history of over 20 years. The 12th Zhengzhou (China) International Shaolin Kongfu Festival will be held in Dengfeng from October 20 to 23, 2018. Different from previous sessions, the Festival this time will have its all activities held in Dengfeng, including the Kongfu competition! Moreover, the scale of teams from over 60 countries and regions for competition and 86,000 students from Kongfu schools of Dengfeng for performance also sets a new high!

02 The First Time for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies to Be Held Live


One of the highlights for this Festival is that both its opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the performance place of Shaolin Zen Music Ritual, and it is the first time for the Festival to hold the opening and closing ceremonies based on live-action! Fully taking advantage of the natural geographical conditions of the aforesaid Ritual, it combines the live-action and Kongfu to make people feel the extensive and profound Shaolin culture among clear waters and green mountains, show the bearing capacity of Dengfeng’s cultural tourism to the world, and push the dissemination and inheritance of Shaolin Kongfu! It reflects the Festival-holding principle of frugalness, openness, innovation, and harmony, but also implements the theory of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping.

Currently, the Festival’s opening and closing ceremonies are under intensive rehearsals. The slight chill rises in the air of Daixian Valley during the early autumn, but this cannot influence the enthusiasm of director team and actors at all.

It is learnt that the opening ceremony will theme on Songshan culture, Shaolin Kongfu, universal tourism, as well as dissemination of China’s traditional culture to entirely reappear and perform the classic songs, such as The Shepherd Song and Shaolin, Shaolin, during which songs combining the modern singers and music will integrate with Kongfu performance of Shaolin boys to further showcase the limitless charms of Shaolin Zen Kongfu and Songshan culture!

03 Three Road Sections for Kongfu Performances

1. The Colored Flags Area starts from West Dengfeng Exit of Zhengzhou-Shaolin Expressway to the crossroad of Shaolin Avenue and Chanwu Street, with a total length of 2.5 km. 

2. The Car-taking Watch Area starts from the crossroad of Shaolin Avenue and Chanwu Street to entrance of Shaolin Zen Music Ritual, with a total length of 5 km. The lion dance, dragon dance, command flag performance, drum-based battle array, quincuncial piles, and 100 types of Shaolin Kongfu will be respectively performed along the Area according to the concept of “walking museum for Shaolin Kongfu”.

3. The Walking Watch Area starts from entrance of Shaolin Zen Music Ritual to the parking lot, with a total length of 0.7 km, which sets flag-based battle array, intoning area of Shaolin Kongfu spirit, show area of international warriors and Kongfu, area for Shaolin’s 18 arhats and unique skills.

04 Important Schedules

1. The masses’ Kongfu show and opening ceremony rehearsal on October 19, 2018

2. Opening ceremony at performance place of Shaolin Zen Music Ritual at 10:00 in the morning of October 20, 2018

3. Kongfu competition at Air Film Gym newly built in Dengfeng city from October 21 to 23, 2018

4. Closing ceremony at performance place of Shaolin Zen Music Ritual at 19:00 of October 23, 2018


05 Recreational and Sports Activities You Cannot Miss

1. Songshan Cultural Show

Time: starting at 9:00 am, October 20 to 23, 2018

Place: Shaolin Scenic Area, Songyang Scenic Area, and Zhongyue Scenic Area


2. Intangible Heritages Performance

Time: all day long, October 20 to 23, 2018

Place: surrounding areas of the Air Film Gym


3. Kongfu Show in Urban Area

Time: starting at 10:00 am and 13:30 pm, October 20 to 23, 2018

Place: major parks in urban area


4. Mount Songshan (Taishi Mountain) Climbing Activity

Time: from 10:00 to 13:00, October 21, 2018

Place: Songshan (Taishi Mountain) Scenic Area of Dengfeng city


06 Traffic Control

The Dengfeng Municipal People’s Government

About the 12th Zhengzhou (China) International Shaolin Kongfu Festival

Announcement on Traffic Control

All activities of the 12th Zhengzhou (China) International Shaolin Kongfu Festival will be held in our city on October 20, 2018. In order to guarantee safety and accessibility of the traffic and smooth implementation of the activities, some road sections will be temporarily under traffic control measures for rehearsals on October 19 and formal activities on October 20 in accordance with relevant rules of the Law on Road Traffic Safety of The People’s Republic of China. The announcement is set forth below:

I. When the rehearsals are held on October 19 and formal activities are carried out on October 20, all other vehicles are not allowed to travel from entrance of Zhengzhou-Dengfeng Fast Road to Dengfeng-Yanshi juncture along the National Highway G207 during 7:00AM to 12:00AM of the aforesaid two days, except the vehicles with traffic permit. Motor vehicles needing to travel through the forbidden section of National Highway G207 should go through other roads.

II. During the rehearsals and activities, vehicles and pedestrians travelling through the crossroads of Shaolin Avenue-Huishan Road, Shaolin Avenue-Yongtai Road, Shaolin Avenue-Guanghui Road, Shaolin Avenue-Chanwu Street, Shaolin Avenue-Tourism Road, Shaoshi Road-South 1st Ring Road, Shaoshi Road-Yinghe Road, Shaoshi Road-Weihe Road, Shaoshi Road-Shaolin Avenue, Shaoshi Road-Zhongyue Street, Shaoshi Road-Chonggao Road, Shaoshi Road-Dayu Road, Tourism Road-National Highway G207, and Tourism Road-Yuhan Villa should consciously follow the instructions of traffic polices and staffs.

III. The time of returning to normal traffic for roads under traffic control will be determined by traffic administration sector of the public security authority according to the conditions of the activities. Units and citizens along the controlled roads should arrange your travelling path in advance so as not to affect your work and life.

All units in the society and the masses should understand and support this, and consciously follow the instructions.

Hereby notify the above.

October 15, 2018

07 Weather Condition


During the Festival,

the lowest temperature is 9℃ with 20℃ the highest.

The sky is high and the weather is fine in Dengfeng during the early autumn, where the forests turn to red.

It is suitable for working out.

People in Dengfeng welcome guests and friends from all places with their fullest enthusiasm!

Zhengzhou (China) International Shaolin Kongfu Festival plays an irreplaceable role in inheriting the traditional culture of Chinese nation and Zen Kongfu culture of Shaolin, enhancing the outward exchange, and initiating the new pattern of universal tourism. Shaolin Zen Music Ritual will also take this as an opportunity to remove the old ideas and pursuit new ones, reinforce the Scenic Area’s hardware strength, learn from others’ strong points to offset its weaknesses, improve the service quality, and constantly strive for perfection so as to offer more splendid and surprising live-action shows, disseminate the Zen Kongfu culture, and inherit Chinese civilization! We believe that, along with the constant holding of such Festival, it will certainly push China’s traditional culture represented by Shaolin Kongfu to constantly integrate with the world, and make the world learn about Dengfeng and Henan to feel the different China!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration