Welcoming New Year’s Day: Enjoying Festival Lanterns in the Green Expo Garden Tomorrow Evening

On December 30, the festival lantern show, a grand feast to the eyes, kicked off in the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden, and the lanterns of various kinds made the debut that night. It was said that all the festival lanterns would light up on the first day of the New Year’s holiday (the evening of December 30) and the event would last until March 3.

More than a hundred of festival lantern sets are displayed in this event, which integrate “appearances, colors, sounds, lights, motions, and the scenery”. Cold tones like blue and purple, carrying science and dreamlike feelings, are matched with the red, orange, yellow, green, and other traditional colors. The sharp contract and conflict between the cold and warm tones may be impressive to the visitors.

Among the exhibits, the “Golden Pigs Carrying Good Fortune”, “Treasures Fill the Home”, “Auspicious Lions Welcoming the New Year”, “Splendid China”, “Bird’s Twitter and Fragrance of Flowers”, “Charming Facial Makeups”, “Embroidered Ball”, and “Auspicious Peony” are of large sizes, and the highest one even reaches 18 meters. The on-water sets of “Treasures Fill the Home” and “Splendid China” are both 40 meters long. Meanwhile, for better sightseeing atmosphere, the park is also equipped with LED light strips of different kinds, over 20 thousand of wheat-styling lights which form a light sea, 15 thousand of tulip-styling lights, nearly 3 thousand of net-shaped babysbreath-styling lights, and 30 thousand of lanterns of big and small sizes, decorating the park into a bright land with flowing lights and colors.

The four characteristics of the 2019 Festival Lantern Show in the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden include: 1. Big exhibition scale, large number of exhibits, and rich styles; 2. More movable light sets than that of previous years; 3. Paint-splashing techniques have been firstly applied to beautifully present China’s traditional ink paintings to the visitors; 4. Light sculptures and PVC panels are utilized, and the artwork of “Multi-faceted World” integrates the new material of PVC panels in the light set design combining with the light sculpture technique of modern fashion, adding to the brilliant visual charm of the evening here.

To provide an ideal destination for the citizens to enjoy their New Year’s holiday, the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden scheduled the festival lantern show ahead of time, which was generally held during the Spring Festival, to bring the wonderful traditional event to the citizens during the New Year’s holiday. The lights will be lit up at 18:00 every day during the activity, the ticketing output stops at 21:00, and the park closes at 22:00 when all the lights will be turned off. Visitors entering the park with tickets have no need to pay for the lantern show. In addition, the music fountain show starts at 19:00 each evening, and visitors planning to enjoy it should seize the time.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration