Nine Aerobatic Teams to Attend Zhengzhou Airshow 2018 with Special “Sunset Flight Music Show”

As the widely-anticipated Zhengzhou Airshow 2018 is to kick off on April 27 at Shangjie, the organizing committee held a news conference yesterday at Songshan Hotel, Zhengzhou. Currently, nine world-class aerobatic teams have been confirmed to participate in the Airshow. This year, the Airshow will be added with a new highlight, “Sunset Flight Music Show”. According to the pricing policies released at the news conference, adult tickets, child tickets and VIP tickets are respectively priced at RMB 280/100/2,980 each.

Five aerobatic teams to debut in Zhengzhou

As planned, the Zhengzhou Airshow 2018 will take place from April 27 to May 1 at Shangjie Airport. To be specific, April 27 and 28 will be celebrated as professional days to hold activities like the GA Forum, exhibitor exchanges, aircraft exhibition and flight display. From April 29 to May 1, there will be plenty of interactive entertainments for visitors. Aerobatic performances will be available every day throughout the Airshow.

The list of the nine aerobatic teams to participate in Zhengzhou Airshow 2018 and World Formation Aerobatic Annual Awards Ceremony was released at the news conference. Those teams include: Skydance Airshow Team from Germany (4 aircrafts), Pioneer Team from Italy (4 aircrafts), Anbo Airshow Team from Lithuania (4 aircrafts), Yakovlevs Display Team from the UK (6 aircrafts), the Sky Flame Airshow Team from the UK (2 aircrafts), the Breitling Wingwalkers Display Team from the UK (2 aircrafts), the Red Eagle from the USA (1 special music aircraft), Viper from the USA (1 aircraft, plus fire-breathing car), and Aviad Skymedia Team from the USA (1 aircraft).

According to the organizing committee, there are three criteria for the selection of performance teams: (I) they must be of world-class levels; (II) they must demonstrate characteristic performances; (III) preferably, they have never been to Zhengzhou before. Among those nine teams, four are “old friends” of Zhengzhou including Yakovlevs Display Team and Breitling Wingwalkers Display Team, respectively the Best Display Team and the Most Popular Team of the last year. And the other five teams are newcomers to Zhengzhou and China.

It is worth noting that during the Airshow there will be a daily special performance of “Sunset Flight Music Show” half an hour before and after the sunset. With electronic music, aerobatic aircrafts will demonstrate mid-air displays of fireworks and LED shows, as well as hot-air balloons and parachute display shells. It will be the first time for Asia to see such performances. The skies over Shangjie are set to be lighted with magic and fantastic shows.

Half-price tickets for Shangjie and Xingyang residents on the first two days

Every visitor will need a ticket to go to the Zhengzhou Airshow 2018. And the ticket is for one-off use on the day dated on it. After buying a paper ticket, visitors need to complete a real-name registration process on WeChat. And after that, they can enter the site by swiping their ID card or ticket. For those who buy e-tickets, they can enter the site by swiping ID card or the QR code on their mobile phone. A child whose height is 0.9–1.5m can buy a child ticket. The child tickets are not dated and there is no registration, with which children can directly enter the site. But every child must be accompanied by at least one ticket-buying adult. Children under 0.9m can visit free of charge.

At the ticket office of Shangjie District Library, residents in Shangjie and Xingyang whose registered residence is in those regions in 2018 can buy half-price (RMB 140) tickets for the first two days (April 27 and 28) of the Airshow. At the entrance site of the Airshow, those residents who hold discounted tickets need to carry valid ID cards for inspection. 

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