From A Tale of Shaolin, Serve the Country with Fidelity to Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty! Why does the Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater create a "miracle"?

The video has been broadcasted for 10 days, with over 2 billion plays; the main topic of microblogging has been read 490 million times ... During this Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, the classical dance Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty created and rehearsed by Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater has attracted the attention of audiences nationwide and even globally, creating a "phenomenal" wave of attention. Why does the Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater create a "miracle"? Why it is Zhengzhou that gives birth to Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty?

When the melodious music sounded, a group of young girls move gently with their lotus steps, show elegant dance, graceful fixed... Yesterday, when the reporter walked into the Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater rehearsal hall, see with the famous Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty of "Tang Palace Sisters" is rehearsing intensely for the Henan Lantern Festival Gala. As the backbone of the theater, some of them come from the "Zhengzhou Kung Fu" of A Tale of Shaolin, some come from the beautiful painting of Goddess of Luo River, and some come from the family sentiment of Serve the country with fidelity - for more than ten years, rooted in the heavy For more than ten years, rooted in the rich culture of the Central Plains, Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater has been using the innovative exploration of "dance" + "culture of the Central Plains" on the cultural curtain of "in the middle of heaven and earth" to come out of the flourishing development of road of "local theater company with national standard".

Suddenly become famous: Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty stunned the country

"We should pay attention to facial expressions so as to match the body language, as rich as possible to show the naive and lovely Tang Dynasty girls..." These days, in the rehearsal hall of Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater, 14 young actors have been seriously rehearsing Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty. Unlike the "round" figures on the screen, they are all slim and thin in life, but the same naive and lovely in their demeanor and movements. On the stage of Spring Festival Gala of Henan province, Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty uses 5G and AR modern technology to present a stunning stage effect.

Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty is the best show in my heart" "Amazing!” The Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty recently continued to "dominate" the screen, and are collectively praised by the "People's Daily", Xinhua News Agency and many other media.

Its explosion of popularity is not an accident. According to the institute's dance choreographer Chen Lin, as early as 2017, she had the idea of using beautiful classical dance to show the heavy Chinese culture, and in the process of looking for materials, she was attracted by a group of painted pottery figurines of female musicians at the Henan Museum. "If they were brought to life, what stories would they tell to people today?" After two years of creative conception and one and a half years of rehearsal and polishing, Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty was premiered in October last year at the 12th China Dance "Lotus Award" Classical Dance Jury. These "living" Tang figurines have bulging cheeks, "slanting red" makeup, and a naive attitude, clearly showing the unique style of "the prosperous Tang Dynasty with sideburns, cheeks, and the fragrant clothes".

"The Tang Tri-Color Glazed Ceramics is the most famous cultural symbol of the Tang Dynasty, and the Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty really brings the relics to life." Professor Wang Zhenjun, director of the Cultural Industry Research Center of Zhengzhou University, analyzed that Gongyi, Zhengzhou, was a major town of tri-color production in the Tang Dynasty and was extremely glorious in history. The Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater has creatively transformed and developed the historical and cultural resources so that the Tang Tri-Color Glazed Ceramics placed in the museum can be "revitalized" and really become a work of art that people can enjoy.

Accumulate as much as possible but to release a little at a time: constantly creating the best products of the times

Walk with the times and sing for the people. Through the moving rhythm of Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty, we hear the resounding steps of Zhengzhou's cultural prosperity and development.

In recent years, in order to promote the culture of the Yellow River, Zhengzhou has been deeply implementing the project of fine arts and culture, vigorously supporting the creation of literature and art, and launching a large number of fine arts and culture that have been marked. Since its establishment in 2004, Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater has always relied on the rich culture of the Central Plains to continuously create fine dances. From A Tale of Shaolin to Goddess of Luo River to Serve the Country with Fidelity and Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty, a glorious coordinate has timed the reading of Zhengzhou's road to prosperity in the art of singing and dancing.

"'Henan has a splendid culture, Zhengzhou is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization, and the rich historical and cultural deposits are our inexhaustible artistic treasures." Sun Shujie, director of Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater, told reporters that the institute has always insisted on putting social benefits in the first place, focusing on the innovative transformation of advantageous cultural resources, relying on the rich culture of the Central Plains to create high-quality dance, all the way resoundingly forward.

Morning bell and evening drum, Zen sound, dance and martial arts blend, and the wind moves with the dance. Relying on the world-famous Zhengzhou Shaolin cultural resources, in 2004, the institute created and rehearsed the first dance drama A Tale of Shaolin in the history of literature and art in Henan Province. "Shaolin martial arts" and the innovative combination of dance unfold a living colorful painting of the Central Plains and refresh people. As a pioneering work, this artistic work full of Zhengzhou cultural elements has won several awards, such as the Gold Medal of the Chinese Dance "Lotus Award", and the performances have been full and popular at home and abroad.

"Her body soars lightly like a startled swan, gracefully, like a dragon in flight. In splendor brighter than the autumn chrysanthemum, in bloom more flourishing than the pine in spring.” In 2010, based on Cao Zhi's legendary piece Goddess of Luo River and the legend of the Goddess in the Central Plains, the institute again created and rehearsed the dance drama Goddess of Luo River, which touched countless audiences with its beautiful love across a thousand years.

Innovate based on history, always keep the original heart, and pass on the great spirit of righteousness. The dance drama Serve the Country with Fidelity, created and rehearsed by the institute in 2018, is a moving rendition of the noble national virtue of the national hero Yue Fei, inspiring contemporary Chinese people to carry forward the patriotic spirit of Serve the country with fidelity and strive to achieve the "Chinese dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty, which has exploded all over the Internet in the New Year, is a clever idea that allows technology to give wings to culture and really makes the cultural relics that have been sleeping for thousands of years come to life again.

Yesterday, the reporter saw in the honor room of the theater, the dance drama A Tale of Shaolin and Goddess of Luo River has been the Chinese dance "Lotus Award" dance drama gold medal, the national stage art project "top ten fine productions", the Ministry of Propaganda spiritual civilization construction "Five-One Project" excellent drama award, the Ministry of Culture Wenhua Award "excellent repertoire award" and other highest awards in the Chinese dance session all in the bag. The choreography team of the institute independently created the dance works Army Life, Flower Picking love, Go to the Opera, The First Lotus and Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty, which also won a lot of awards. At present, the theater has won one international award, 19 national awards and 38 provincial awards for the dance works it has created and performed.

In the creation of three dance dramas such as A Tale of Shaolin, Feng Shuangbai, Chairman of China Dance Association, Shan Chong, Vice Chairman Shan Chong, famous directors such as Zhang Yi, Liu Xiaohe, Tong Ruirui, Yang Xiaoyang, and famous composers Tang Jianping, Guo Sida, Yin Qing, all have successfully cooperated with Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater, and carefully guided the creation and production of the dance dramas. At the same time, it also trained young dancers such as Zeng Pengfei, Yi Xingyan and Gai Zheng and young choreographers such as Lou Bingbing, Chen Lin and Wang Peng for Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater.

Under the delegation of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the theater has gone to Poland, Russia, the United States and other more than 40 countries for cultural exchange performances, establishing the image of Zhengzhou and spreading the culture of Henan.

From the earliest work A Tale of Shaolin based on local Shaolin culture, to Goddess of Luo River eyes on the Central Plains, and then to the Serve the country with fidelity writing family sentiment, from small to large, from weak to strong Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater, the more long-term vision, artistic vision is more open, with a deep thought, artistic mastery, well-produced art works towards every step forward has blossomed into a new height of "local theater company and national standard".

Innovative development: telling the "China story" vividly

"Central Plains culture is broad and profound, the Yellow River culture is thick and colorful. In the next step, our theater will continue to innovate ideas, launch more high-quality masterpieces, and strive to tell a good cultural story of the 'three cities, three hundred miles, three thousand years' of Zheng, Bian, Luo." In the New Year of the Ox, standing at a new starting point, Sun Shujie told reporters with confidence.

In the future, Zhengzhou will take the construction of the Yellow River ecological and cultural belt as its leader, unify the major cultural sectors such as Yellow River culture, Mount Song culture, Yellow Emperor culture, Shangdu culture and Kung Fu culture, promote the protection and inheritance of historical and cultural heritage resources, and accelerate the industrial transformation of cultural resources.

As an important participant and witness of Zhengzhou's cultural development, Feng Shuangbai said with deep feelings that Henan's history and culture are colorful and rich, containing countless stories worth writing, and Zhengzhou, located in the south of the river, in the middle of heaven and earth, is writing the most gorgeous chapter of the Yellow River culture, I hope that Zhengzhou City can continue to dig deeper into the culture of the Central Plains, the Yellow River culture, and create more masterpieces that are well known and are able to spread and stay in the country.

"How to make the artifacts placed in the museum come to life? How to make literary and artistic works really resonate with the masses? Zhengzhou cultural workers should think deeply about how to achieve innovative development on the basis of creative transformation, empower culture through technology, and continuously meet people's new expectations. "Talking about how to innovate the development of Zhengzhou culture, Yan Tiecheng, vice president of the Source of China and Songshan Civilization Research Association, made suggestions.

The mighty Yellow River flows endlessly, and Chinese civilization is unique. Standing on the vast yellow land of Zhengzhou, the ancient capital, and drawing on the nutrients of the civilization accumulated by the Chinese people over 5,000 years of struggle, Zhengzhou will continue to explore the mode of cultural innovation and development, gather majestic strength to vividly interpret the culture of the Central Plains to the world on a broad stage, and tell the "China story" in a more colorful way.


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