Visit Garden Expo Park Online | Early Summer Brings You Bushes of Roses

It is the time

for the Beginning of Summer to arrive on time.

The first one who is greeting the summer

is the silently blooming roses,

the full blooming roses.

Some said that the most beautiful encounter is that,

when I pass by,

you are blooming in beauty.

Though the resurgence of the epidemic prevents us from going out,

it will never stop us from meeting the wonderful season.

As roses blooming in Garden Expo Park,

I would like to share this romantic moment with you.

The bushes of roses

blossom in between lush branches and leaves,

forming a piece of gouache painted by nature.

Shining under the light of the sun,

the delicate and charming roses look more gorgeous.

Let us appreciate blooming roses

and enjoy the taste of early summer together.

Flowers contend in beauty and fascination in Garden Expo Park.

Hope we can meet soon

and wander in that sea of flowers hand in hand.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration