Visiting Zhengzhou China Green Expo Garden to Experience the Beauty of Plum Blossoms in Spring

In spring,

warm air has come as expected.

When everything is coming back to life silently,

it's the perfect time for us to travel light,

and to enjoy

the best season of a year.

Now plum flowers are still in blossom in the Green Expo Garden.

Although they will fall like snowflake with a gust of wind,

or may be slightly dried under the sunshine,

plum flowers are still dedicated to

leading you to experience their beauty in full bloom

before other flowers burst forth.

The tulips that everyone is looking forward to are growing vigorously. It is expected that you can appreciate them immediately after the plum blossoms in the Green Expo Garden. Let's meet here to witness the blooming of hundreds of flowers, and have a good time together.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration