Click Here, Zhongmu County Is Honored as “the First Batch of National Leisure Resorts”!

Paint the new image of "Beautiful China" and compose the theme of "Better Life". On June 24, the “2018 Leisure Tourism Development and Quality Summit” was held in Beijing with the theme of “Better Life, Beautiful China”. Leaders and experts from relevant national ministries and commissions, Expert Advisory Committee of the National Tourism, and media representatives from CCTV, China Daily, and attended the summit.

On the launch ceremony, the evaluation team evaluated all the candidates in terms of “location and resource, local environment-friendly conditions, unique attractions, cultural deposits, cultural inheritance, rural tourism, products and facilities, quality and service, innovation capability, social responsibility, featured brands, and general satisfaction of the public”. Through expert voting, network publicity, public opinion monitoring, satisfaction degree comparison and other steps, Zhongmu County was selected as one of the “the First Batch of National Leisure Resorts” at the 2018 Leisure Tourism Development and Quality Summit, and was incorporated into the National Leisure Tourism Development and Quality Report (2018) as a case study.

At the summit, Zhongmu County was the only county-level unit that obtained the privilege to distribute promotional materials such as leaflets, poker, and albums, which gave the delegates a better understanding of the county’s tourism achievements. As Zhongmu County lists the fashion creative cultural tourism industry as one of the three leading industries in economic and social development and relies on its prominent advantages of transportation and cultural tourism resources, the entire county is working for the same goal to build a “urban-rural new city”, vigorously implement the project-driven strategy, accelerate the integration of culture and tourism and actively foster the distinctive “tourism+” leisure business through continuously improving  in-depth publicity, all-round services and tourist satisfaction.

In 2018, the tourism in Zhongmu County achieved a great start with a total investment of RMB 25.29 billion. The 20 major projects covering the convention and exhibition, and the entertainment complex were all initiated within a short period. Its tourism industry was further diversified, so that the advantage that its tourism projects supported its overall tourism industry development was more prominent. All these progress and achievement deeply impressed the delegates.

The honor as one of “the First Batch of National Leisure Resorts” is a full affirmation for the development of the tourism industry in Zhongmu County. For the next step, efforts will be made to grasp and highlight the key points, take the efforts of the whole county to promote the leapfrog development and the upgrading of the tourism industry, and accelerate the magnificent transition from “Tourist Attraction-oriented Tourism” to “County-Spanning Tourism”.

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