Every employee in Zhengzhou Library has a "hero" in the heart!

What does a library look like?

Heartfelt smiles are seen behind the bookshelf, hands clapped at the lectures, the sounds of reading heard in the early morning, and figures seeking knowledge shown in the night, thanks to the great efforts of employees in the library in obscurity.

During the outbreak, however, they are dressed up in red and fight at the front line regardless of their personal safety.

"Please keep one meter apart and have your QR code or ID card prepared in advance!" - It is a simple line that will be repeated thousands of times a day.

"Please let the older and physically inconvenient people take the test first. It will be quick. Please take it easy!" - The tip reflects the idea of Zhengzhou Library for providing "user-friendly services".

Employees of Zhengzhou Library assisted the people in entering information, reminded them of precautions, maintained order at the scene, and organized and guided them in an orderly manner. The people strictly followed the procedures for personal information collection and nucleic acid test, so that the test was carried out in an orderly and effective manner.

There is never an "outsider" in the face of the grave pandemic. At every moment when volunteers are needed, Zhengzhou Library has never been absent. It has made great contributions and adhered to its position day and night, and thus been widely acclaimed and supported among citizens!

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