Fantawild Names a High-speed Train as Its Moveable Business Card

On July 29, a gala was staged at Wuhan Railway Station to unveil the high-speed train named after Fantawild. As Fantawild high-speed train whooshed out of the station, tourists can meet cartoon characters and have fun in the carriage.

Fantawild-themed High-speed Train Launches in Joy

In the morning of July 29, the cartoon stars in the Fantawild Theme Park surprised tourists in Wuhan Railway Station, to celebrate the first launch of Fantawild high-speed train. The original IPs of Fantawild appeared in the waiting hall and attracted lots of travelers to interact and took pictures with them, such as the cuddly bear brothers Briar and Bramble, the goddess Nüwa, the Monkey King Sun Wukong, and several beauties in different and antique style. Fantawild also specially prepared some interesting background plates take pictures with and fine gifts for travelers. Travelers were enthusiastic and active, keeping the atmosphere warm and high.

Meanwhile, before the ceremony began, those IPs displayed a “flash mob” activity which brought the ceremony to a climax. At the beginning, leaders of Fantawild, together with the guests announced the first launch of Fantawild high-speed train.

From the hall to the platform, the air was penetrated with happiness, and cute characters led travelers to board the train. Inside the carriage, there was information about Fantawild everywhere, on the pillow cover of seats, luggage racks, tray tables, aisles and screens. Besides, the sweet voice of high-speed train attendants would make travelers feel pleasant and relaxed, with an illusion that they were in the Fantawild tourism parks.

As the train departured the platform, the activities in the carriage went more exciting. Briar and Bramble were in the carriage and played giveaway activities with travelers, and invited them to scan the code. Thus travelers could not only enjoy a happy trip, at the same time, they would be impressed by Fantawild tourism parks.

Fantawild Names a High-speed Train as a Moveable Business Card.

Recently, the tourism is booming. Self-driving travel and high-speed train travel top the list of ways of traveling among the youth. The advertising effect of high-speed trains continually expands. Fantawild, as a shining star in China’s theme park industry, pays equal attention to advertising and popularizing, and the progress in culture and scientific and technological innovation.

Fantawild naming G692 high-speed train, with Wuhan being the first one, aims at leveraging high-speed trains to advertise nationwide. Wuhan is a key transportation center of Hubei Province, and the project called “Jingzhou Huaxia History Culture and Science Park” was also settled down in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. It will show Jingzhou culture and Huaxia historical civilization in a way favored by modern people, and supported by modern high technologies of Fantawild. Once established, it will be the historical culture theme park with largest scale and highest level in Hubei Province. By conducting marketing cooperation with high-speed trains, it is not only able to display a charming Fantawild tourism to tourists throughout the world, but also can provide a diversified transportation choice for tourists coming to Fantawild parks.

Through naming the high-speed train, Fantawild hopes to build Fantawild train into a new window and method for outer world to learn about Fantawild, making it a moving business card of Fantawild so as to enlarge popularity and expand influences of Fantawild tourism parks.

Welcome all guests take Fantawild high-speed train to travel to Fantawild tourism parks, and enjoy more fun here!

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