The Third Carnival Night of the Afforestation Garden of Zhengzhou for a Cool Summer



Since it is too hot to go outdoors, we may as well go out at night. During June 27 to August 30, the Third Carnival Night of the Afforestation Garden of Zhengzhou kicks off with grand opening. There are 10 carnival weeks with various themes and highlights. You will experience a colorful nightlife this summer!

During the carnival weeks, a lot of wonderful programs will be put on the stage, including Paris Fashion Week, Fenghu Music Festival, Gorgeous Boys Show and Gorgeous Girls Show. Paris Fashion Week: with magnificent lamplight, exciting stage, hot dance and artistic programs performed by professional fashion models, it will give you an unforgettable visual feast! Fenghu Music Festival: with rock music and passionate pop stars, it will be extremely exciting! The dynamic music will tug at your heartstring; the classic song will unleash all your passion. With exciting elements, it will provide you with a perfect visual and audio feast, and will make you intoxicated with the grand music carnival.

Besides all these, there are also a lot of recreational projects in The Afforestation Garden of Zhengzhou. At night, the cool and refreshing aquatic world will be available to tourists. Besides the well-received aquatic football match, there are also a great number of new recreational projects including aquatic tug-of-war and bang bang ball. You can enjoy the cool world to your heart’s content! For a cool summer, it is a perfect choice that you cannot miss!

The nightscape of The Afforestation Garden of Zhengzhou has been increasingly beautiful and charming. Highlighted by bright moon and shining stars, the fascinating afforestation garden makes more people reluctant to leave. With the decoration of dreamy lamps, the garden is as charming as a wonderland. Let's go to The Afforestation Garden of Zhengzhou for a cool summer!



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