Circus Carnival Promotes the Charity Performance during the Holidays of the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival

As a cultural benefit activity of Zhengzhou, 2017 China Zhengzhou International Circus Carnival will continue to present passionate and magnificent circus performance to citizens. Moreover, the sponsor will invite specific group to watch the show for free.

The Circus Carnival is introduced to last to October 15. The professional acrobatics and circus troupes from countries along the “Belt and Road” including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Brazil and the Philippines will present over 50 performances of circus and acrobatics, which brim with brilliant shows with complicated, exquisite and risky skills in contemporary international field of circus and acrobatics. The National Golden Lion Award winner, Swing and Climbing the Pole performed by Zhengzhou Acrobatics Troupe will be unveiled to audiences. In addition, the Circus Carnival has added the sea lion show which can be regarded as one of the highlights.

During the performance, groups like representatives of municipal model worker, advanced individuals of spiritual civilization construction, sanitation workers, representatives of the disabled, autistic children and children in welfare house will be invited to watch the charity show for free, encompassing more people to enjoy this culture banquet.

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