Embrace Good Times of Grain Rain

Grain Rain is a good time for drinking tea.

After Grain Rain, air humidity increases with more rainfall. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the humidity will have some negative effects on the human body.

During this solar term, sprouts are green and fat. Affected by the temperature, Grain Rain tea fully grows with fat leaves and abundant moisture. Fat leaf buds are also unique to Grain Rain tea. The tea is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients and minerals.

◆Eat Chinese toon shoots in spring◆

Xiang chun in Chinese refers to the tender shoot of the Chinese toon tree and it is known as “a vegetable in the tree”. It often appears in the market in early spring.

Around the Grain Rain, the shoots are fragrant and tasty with high nutrition values. People often call “picking and eating Chinese toon shoots in spring” chi chun (eat the spring).

The Chinese toon shoots mixed with Tofu is a dish with prominent characteristics of the spring. With a piece of tofu, several shoots, and a few drops of sesame oil, the dish is simple but appetizing.

At the turn of the spring and summer, yang qi prevails.

In spring, as it warms up, the qi in the liver becomes vigorous and yang qi accumulated in our bodies in the winter goes upward and outward. If not released, yang qi will turn into chun huo (spring heat) or make people shang huo (with too much inside heat), which is harmful to the human body.

So during this period, we should drink more water and eat more food that can clean and moisten the lung. In addition, around the solar term, poplar blossoms and willow catkins drift in the air everywhere with the wind, which may cause nasal itching and congestion, cough, skin allergy, and other symptoms. So protection measures should also be taken for outdoor activities.

Following Grain Rain, the early summer comes.

Let’s seize the good times of the spring!

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