Where Is the Travel Destination for National Day Holiday? Highly Recommended Super Guide for Autumn Trip in Qianhe Farm

How many people like me sitting in the narrow space less than 10 m2 are indulging in the magnificence presented in travel brochures? Or how many people like me possessing the mind broader than the territory of the country, yet are sitting on the chair narrower than 1 m2?

There is one farm in Zhongmou, Zhengzhou. It has been granted the Technology Demonstration Garden of National Modern Ecological Agriculture, and meanwhile, has enjoyed the status of “establishing the large-scale unrivalled horse ranch in surrounding areas of Zhengzhou, and the Picking Base for Tropical Fruit in Zhengzhou”, being the large-scale comprehensive ecological farm that integrates organic agriculture, green catering, leisure vacation, training and expansion, cultural education and family trip. With the combination of plain and elegant connotation of agricultural civilization and ebullient horse racing, the farm leaves adults and children the considerate and unforgettable farm experience, and creates a homelike amusement paradise which gathers things of nice-looking, interesting, tasty and easy-learning to meet diversified requirements, carving the most wonderful memory of enjoying the golden age and joyful time for everyone comes here! - This is Wanbang Qianhe Farm.

Concealing in the natural and original ecological countryside landscape, tourists can feel like home in the country. Please regard yourself as the host of the farm! In addition to a paradise for petrification and mind-absence, Qianhe Farm can cater you for plentiful leisure!

I. Vegetable Garden Style

With breeze skimming over the earth, September is the season that brims with the smell of harvest. Take your baby to the countryside to teach him or her various vegetables, checking out the seasonal vegetables and the vegetable shoots. Together learning those vegetables is also a common growth experience for parents and children.

After recognizing them, you can pick some fresh vegetables in person. Experiencing the process of laboring, we will cherish the dishes more on the dining table.

II. Date with Sweet Fruits

This is the high time for fruitful harvest in Qianhe Farm. With strong scent, fruit gardens like pitaya garden, peach garden and grape garden are in their prosperous opening, besides, a few figs, winter jujubes and sugarcanes can be picked. Come with friends to become the sight-seer and foodie in Qianhe Farm!

III. Following the Summon of “Lotus Root”

Have you imagined the picture of indulging in the open field, breathing the fresh air, appreciating the swaying of seedpod of the lotus in the breeze in Qianhe Farm, and seeing the well-growing lotus root lying in the sludge underneath the water... Many people enjoy eating lotus root, but do you know how it grows? Besotting in the blue water with strong aroma of autumn, you will harvest the amusement of picking the lotus root in Qianhe Farm.

IV. Say Hello to the Nature

Lowering down and touching the soil, you will be surprised at the abundant species by noticing the earth you ignored. With the move of squat, the memory of childhood will sprout again in your heart immediately. The autumn travel brochure can be created by taking some wild flowers and grasses to return home.

V. Leisure Time

While finishing the picking, you can select a horse in the horse ranch so as to gallop at will, being rapt in the feelings for riding on this immense grassland! All your imagination about horse can be realized here!

You can also bring the fishing tools with you to fish by the pond, waiting for the fish bite leisurely.

VI. Diary on Farm Pet Feeding

Alternative is to go to the Phoenix Chicken Park and Eco Ranch. Help your children to feed the chicken, let children play with the cute sheep and have fun.

There grows fertile grasses. Since the grass is pesticide-free, the air permeates with its natural and faint scent in the sunshine. Have fun with little lambs in the lawn!

Parents are suggested to play with children. Riding horse, fishing, or feeding small animals will be greatly adored by children!


VII. Village Delicacy

Without high-end and luxurious western cuisine, what can be found there are the fresh seasonal vegetables planted in the farm? The delicacy cooked with ecologically bred chicken, duck, fish and mutton give off the flavor of dishes by mom in childhood and stands for the warmth of family! You shall taste our specialty for sure!

VIII. We are the Best in Outward Development

Through the training activity, the goals of strengthening the will, cultivating the taste, perfecting the personality and uniting the team can be achieved. The value of earnest and responsibility, exploitation and innovation, independence and collaboration, as well as success sharing can be rooted in the deep heart.


IX. Appreciate Qianhe Countryside Inn

The log bed refreshes our memory about the school-days, and the roommate on the upper berth on campus. Everyone who rushes in the city needs to be self-relieved. What is exactly desired after an exhausting day is Qianhe Folklore Inn full of distinctive culture. Possessing 400 cozy and graceful guest rooms, the inn applies the natural and quaint decorative style, endowing you with a quiet and enjoyable holiday in the countryside!

Now, it is time to grandly introduce our sightseeing guide of Qianhe Farm!!! Tour Bus!!!

Now, the sightseeing trolley buses and bicycle have been opened for public!

Driving on the country path with family members and friends, tasting the fresh fruits, you can breathe the air with fragrance of soil after the autumn rain in the breeze. Birds on the branch are friendly greeting you, and the panoramic countryside scenery is a boon to your eyes.

Organize an open-air barbecue with friends, and catch beautiful pheasants and rabbits if lucky enough!

In this invigorating autumn, escape from the noisy downtown with family and friends to experience the purity of farm life and appreciate the charming scenery of nature! Together taste the infinite charm of fall to seek for the brightest expression in this autumn; and together experience the nature walk of happiness to share the joy and gain along the journey. Let’s march towards happiness all together! Let’s march towards Wanbang Qianhe Ecological Farm all together!

In order to jubilantly welcome the joyous festivals of the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival, series of gift packages of fresh food including ecological free-ranging sheep, ecological fish, free-ranging native phoenix chicken, ecological free-ranging goose, homemade watermelon soybean paste, and pure sweet potato vermicelli, as well as the pure sesame oil, sesame paste and peanut oil for internal staff accept the limited number of reservation. Friends in need come and order quickly!

Reservation Hotline: 177 2978 5916

Address: Eastern Side of Zhongdiao Line, 1,000m north of Fulizhuang Community, Diaojia Township, Zhongmou County. If you’re using GPS, please directly input “Wanbang Qianhe Farm”.

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