Eight Stereo Flower Beds Decorate Zhengzhou to Celebrate the Grand Gatherings

“In order to celebrate the grand opening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the holding of the 11th China (Zhengzhou) International Garden Expo, and to create a festive, warm, civilized and harmonious festival atmosphere during the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhengzhou Gardens Bureau has commissioned a professional institution to formulate the Planning and Design of Arrangement on the Flower Landscape.” said Xue Yongqing, Director General of Zhengzhou Gardens Bureau, on the morning of September 23.

On the theme of “Decorating Zhengzhou with Flowers”, according to the design proposal that “the axis is decorated in a stereoscopic way, with flowers along the road; parks are always full of flowers, and road nodes are manifested with flower beds”, this planning focuses on the space landscape construction of “one axis (Zhongzhou Avenue and Airport Expressway), one ring (the Third Ring Road), two verticals (Huayuan Road and Songshan Road), three horizontals (Jinshui Road, Zhongyuan Road, and Jianshe Road), five parks (five key parks in Zhengzhou), a hundred nodes (principal nodes like the train station).” There are 98 stereo flower beds needed to be created in Zhengzhou based on the planning, of which Zhengzhou Gardens Bureau creates 20 stereo flower beds, 120 flower bed ornaments, and 3,900 container flowers, and the Administrative Committees of all districts set 78 stereo flower beds.

As of September 23, there have been 70 stereo flower beds completed, covering an area of 218,600 square meters in planting fields. The whole atmosphere-building work will be completed before September 25. On that occasion, there will be a floral landscape effect of “celebrating the opening of grand events with bouquets of flowers and piles of brocades, and decorating Zhengzhou into a splendid view”.

Places, including parks & squares, stations, underside of overpasses, and high-speed road junctions, are key decoration points.

On the Greentown Square, there is the “Celebrate the Central Plains”, a flower bed with a height of nine meters, and the ground flower bed is 25 meters in diameter, with an area of about 500 square meters. Its main scenery is big red lanterns, and the ground is decorated by propitious clouds, along with two principal colors—red (begonia semperflorens and scarlet sage) and yellow (maidenhair) in blossom.

On the east side of the Erqi Memorial Tower, the “Wonderful Zhengzhou” Flower Bed is decorated with the main sceneries of leaves of the oriental plane (Zhengzhou’s city tree) and the mascot of the Garden Expo, called “Yuanbao”. With the pencil and palette on the hands, lovely “Yuanbao” is depicting a beautiful picture of wonderful Zhengzhou and the bright future, showing Zhengzhou people’s enthusiasm of welcoming guests from the world.

On the Western Square of Zhengzhou East Railway Station, tourists are taking photos in front of the “Splendid Central Plains” Flower Bed, with a height of nine meters and an area of over 220 square meters. This flower bed is designed on the basis of the “Houmuwu Ding”, a national treasure of cultural relic excavated in Henan, to show long and profound cultural background of Zhengzhou and wonderful scene of the Central Plains in a period of great prosperity. On the East Square of Zhengzhou Railway Station, the “Garden Expo Welcome You” Flower Bed is decorated with its main sceneries of “Yuanbao” and bass drums, which mean drumbeats for acclaiming the expo and welcoming guests. 

Stereo flower beds, on the theme of “celebrating the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Garden Expo”, are arranged on places, including Huanghe Road Flyover in the Zhongzhou Avenue, Jinshui Road Flyover, Heyi Flyover, Zijingshan Flyover, the Garden Junction in the Yingbin Road, Zhongzhou Avenue in the Airport Expressway, and Junction of the Third Ring Road South.


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