Joy Over the Sky. Come and Enjoy! FU Tower resumes opening on April 9!

We have been looking forward to the spring with flowers in bloom.

Now it's the time.

We will soon completely defeat the epidemic.

You must have become fed up with your life confined to the parlor, bedroom and balcony.

It's time to go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Good news!


FU Tower Scenic Area will resume opening on April 9!

Go for an outing at the National AAAA Tourist Attraction!

A Guinness World Record just by your side

A kind of unprecedented high-altitude amusement experience

FU Tower, Be with You

Joy Over the Sky. Come and Enjoy!


Please wear a mask, accept temperature test,

show your Health Code and ID card when coming for a visit.

Joy Over the Sky. Come and Enjoy!

FU Tower resumes opening on April 9!

I. Time for Resumption of Opening

Since April 9, 2020

Opening Hours: 09:30-19:00

Time for Enter the Tower: 09:30-18:30

(During the epidemic, to prevent group gathering, the Panorama Museum suspends acousto-optic demonstration)

II. Flow Control

The number of tourists received in a single day shall not exceed 2,400.

III. Ways to Buy Tickets

Purchase On-site: Tourists can go to the Ticket Office on the second floor of FU Tower to buy tickets directly;

Purchase Online: Tourists can buy tickets through the WeChat official account of FU Tower,, Meituan, and

IV. Admission Process

First, please scan and show the Green Health Code at the entrance to the second floor of the south gate of the FU Tower (tourists who cannot show the Health Code or who show a non-green health code will not be allowed to enter);

Second, please accept temperature test (If your body temperature is higher than 37.3°C (included), you will not be allowed to enter. Tourists with abnormal body temperature will be quarantined at the temporary quarantine point at the south gate of the park and wait for further notice of the epidemic prevention department. In case of such situation, the purchased tickets will be refunded from the original purchase channel);

Third, you can enter the lobby on the second floor to buy tickets or enter the tower to visit with electronic tickets.

V. Fare Policy

1. Full Ticket

(1) Adult: original price at RMB 98/ticket; current price at RMB 68/ticket (for visit to FU Tower only; able to be purchased at the ticket office or major ticketing websites)

2. Discounted Ticket

(1) Student: RMB 49/ticket (Minors under 18 years old and students still studying in colleges and universities; against the Student ID Card and ID Card)

(2) Teacher: RMB 49/ticket (against the Teacher Certificate)

(3) Companion Ticket for Retired Veterans: RMB 60/ticket (against the "Retired Veterans Honor Certificate of the People's Republic of China" or "Honor Certificate for Retired Veterans of the Chinese People's Liberation Army", and the ID Card; one certificate for one ticket only)

3. Free Ticket

(1) Children under 1.4 meters (included) (one adult is limited to bringing in one child for free)

(2) The elderly over 60 years old (included)

(3) Revolutionary disabled soldiers (against the "Disabled Soldier Certificate of the People's Republic of China")

(4) Retired veterans (against the "Retired Veterans Honor Certificate of the People's Republic of China" or "Honor Certificate for Retired Veterans of the Chinese People's Liberation Army")

(5) National model workers (against the "National Model Worker" certificate granted by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council)

(6) Press card holders (against the press card uniformly printed and issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China)

(7) Tour guide qualification certificate holders (against the Tour Guide Qualification Certificate issued by China National Tourism Administration, currently the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China)

(8) The disabled (with visual, mental, first-level or second-level physical disability; provide a free ticket for one companion)

(9) The people's police (against the People's Police Certificate issued by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China)

(10) Active servicemen (against the "Chinese People's Liberation Army, Armed Police Officer Certificate" or "Chinese People's Liberation Army, Armed Police on-Commissioned Officer Certificate" issued by the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China)

(11) Fire department staff (against the valid certificate of identity issued internationally)

(12) Medical staff (need to show the "Medical Practitioner Certificate" or "Nurse Practitioner Certificate" issued by the National Health Commission of China)

Note: This fare policy is only applicable to the visit of the FU Tower. It doesn't apply to the high-altitude walk program. The FU Tower management reserves the right of final interpretation.

VI. Special Reminder

1. The park implements the flow control policy. The number of tourists received in a single day will not exceed 2,400.

2. Tourists must wear masks. After showing their Green Health Codes, accepting temperature test and proving to have a normal body temperature, tourists can enter the park. Tourists with abnormal body temperature, having lived or traveled in major epidemic-stricken areas (abroad) or still under the 14-day quarantine for medical observation are prohibited from entering the park, and must cooperate with the park's quarantine measures.

Vehicles shall be parked at intervals as required.

3. After entering the park, tourists should consciously wear masks all the way and keep a distance of over 1.5 meters from the surrounding tourists at the ticket checking points and consumption points.

Package Ticket for Walk in the Clouds Program

Limited Time Offer

Original price of the package ticket for Walk in the Clouds: RMB 406/person

Preferential price for online ticket purchase: RMB 128/person

(Available on, Meituan, and

Preferential price for on-site ticket purchase: RMB 138/person

(Please follow the official account of FU Tower on WeChat or Tik Tok China for on-site ticket purchase)

(The package includes ticket to the FU Tower + Walk in the Clouds + Flying Trapeze + Viewing Platform + Glass Drifting Slipway; tourists under 1.4 meters are not allowed to experience the Flying Trapeze)

Original Price of the FU Tower: RMB 98/person

Preferential price for on-site or online ticket purchase: RMB 68/person

(Only for FU Tower; high-altitude programs are not included)

(The above ticket concessions are valid until April 30, 2020)

Join FU Tower on April 4

Joy Over the Sky. Come and Enjoy!

Fairview Central Plains. Romantic FU Tower.

Joy Over the Sky. Come and Enjoy.

Opening Hours:

9:30-19:00 (Ticket check stops from 18:30)

Splendid Central Plains

The Panorama Museum suspends acousto-optic demonstration

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