"Creativity-oriented & Digital-first"! 2022 Henan Smart Tourism Conference Held

On March 12, the 2022 Henan Smart Tourism Conference was held in the way of "online metaverse conference space + Unique Henan·Fantastic Theater City offline conference + synchronous live broadcast of all online media", marking a grand event of information sharing, cooperation and exchanges and common development in the cultural and tourism industry.

In order to shape the brand system of "Travel in Henan · Understand China" and make new cultural and creative products with new technologies for better communication of Chinese culture, the launching ceremony of digital cultural creation was held at the conference.

The year 2022 marks the beginning of the integration strategy of cultural tourism and cultural creation, and the brand build of "Travel in Henan · Understand China". It is also a key year for the cultural tourism industry to promote digital transformation and the layout of a new track in the metaverse. Following the general policy of "Creativity-oriented & Digital-first", Henan will focus on four areas to develop its smart tourism, including:

Breakthroughs in digital display field. In order to build the brand system of "Travel in Henan · Understand China", it is necessary to comprehensively promote the collection of top 100 creative logo designs for the brand, and to make its major resources available online and offer several online cultural routes by theme.

Layout in the digital cultural and creative industry. Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will build a sharing and real-time online cloud platform of cultural tourism and cultural creation for institutions and enterprises engaging in cultural tourism, design teams and intangible cultural heritage "craftsmen", to promote the digitalization of cultural and tourism resources and capitalization of digital cultural tourism, and realize the global creativity and global transaction of cultural tourism in Henan.

Improvement in the smart scenic areas. In 2022, Henan will take the opportunity of establishing the industry standard for smart tourism scenic areas to further promote the upgrading of smart scenic areas across Henan and build a group of benchmarking smart scenic areas across China.

Advances in the data management field. In 2022, Henan will focus on two things in the big data field of cultural tourism. One is to connect the digital link between the head Internet platforms and traditional tourism enterprises. The other is to upgrade the "Henan Wenlv Tong" mini-program to achieve full coverage of cultural expo venues and tourist venues in Henan and to develop functions such as cloud video streaming, cloud tour and cloud experience. In addition, an identity authentication system will be available for users to achieve access to all cultural tourism venues.

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