Changshou Mountain Scenic Area Stages Evening Show

Changshou Mountain Scenic Area in Zhulin Township will stage its evening show. Since today, visitors can enter the site for free by following the official WeChat account and forwarding an article about the light festival. Just come here and enjoy the light show, water screen film, and wobbly bridge.

Duration: August 1-31, 2019

Ticket-free time: 17:30-22:30

Venue of the light show: Yangsheng Walkway—Wulian Pond

Warm prompt: Please park private cars in the parking lot

The wobbly bridge, light festival, and water screen film are reachable with direct buses in the evening.

The buses will run through the ancient town and bound for the wobbly bridge on the Wulian Pond, and the light show will be staged on your way to the destination.

The mountain wind in the evening will refresh you mentally and physically. Welcome to Changshou Mountain Scenic Area in Zhulin Township, a place with wine, delicacies, and gorgeous light show.

The wobbly bridge is still very popular, adding to the jollification of the Wulian Pond. Just step on the bridge and shake away your worries and troubles.

Welcome to Changshou Mountain Scenic Area!

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