MCT Arranges Work on Epidemic Prevention and Control and Production Safety during the National Day Holiday

On September 29, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism held a video conference on managing the culture and tourism market during the National Day holiday. The conference studied General Secretary Xi Jinping's important directives, implemented the arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and once again called for, emphasized, and prepared for the prevention of COVID-19 and production safety in the industry.

The conference stressed the need to keep a clear mind and persist in COVID-19 prevention and control in the cultural and tourism industries. We should make clear what our responsibilities are in COVID-19 prevention and control, raise our political awareness, give top political priority to epidemic prevention and control, allocate epidemic prevention responsibilities, step up organization and leadership, and ramp up supervision. We should put in place measures for epidemic prevention and control, keep abreast with the latest developments, apply guidelines on epidemic prevention in travel agencies, theaters, Internet cafés, and entertainment venues, urge all cultural, tourism, and recreational entities to meet epidemic prevention requirements, and ensure our actions are effective and fruitful. We should double down on publicity about epidemic prevention, pass on timely tips on epidemic prevention and tourism safety through all possible channels, and remind tourists to raise their awareness of prevention and control, follow the latest developments in the spread of COVID-19, travel safely and rationally, and consciously abide by epidemic prevention requirements.

The conference pointed out that we should concentrate efforts on key areas and prevent major safety accidents. The cultural and tourism industries are constantly exposed to challenging safety hazards, and the public is highly attentive to safety in these fields. Local governments and public and private entities must know that "hidden dangers are potential accidents", study the local safety situation, and make sure all hidden dangers are eliminated. We should ensure safety in key areas and major activities, give full play to the role of local law enforcement agencies, ramp up the supervision of production safety and urge those concerned to rectify mistakes.

The conference pointed out that order must be maintained on the cultural and tourism holiday market so that the needs of people during holidays are fully met. Local government departments responsible for the management of culture and tourism should scientifically assess the situation according to their local requirements for COVID-19 prevention, understand the different needs of people during different festivals, make real efforts to increase the supply of products, improve service quality and create a good environment, and properly manage cultural and tourism holiday markets on a case-by-case basis.

The heads of some provincial government departments of culture and tourism and scenic spots introduced their work on epidemic prevention and control and production safety during the National Day holiday. The heads of cultural and tourism departments (bureaus) at the provincial (including autonomous regions and municipalities) level, the Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the departments and bureaus under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and relevant business entities attended the conference.

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