"The Story about Yellow River" Themed Pictures and Articles Start Collecting!

I. Background

Henan is the cradle of the Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation. It has been China’s historical center in terms of politics, economy, culture, and transportation for five thousand years, and has the world-famous ancient capitals of China. The glorious history has not only left rich cultural relics and historical sites, but also laid a foundation for the present Yellow River culture. In order to further display the Yellow River culture, expand the influence of Zhengzhou’s tourism and culture, and show more beautiful landscape of the Zhengzhou section of the Yellow River, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism cooperates with the People's Government of Zhongmu County to hold a competition to create articles and pictures with the theme of "The Story about Yellow River".

II. Competition Rules

The entries should have positive content and themes, as well as innovative ideas. The entries should highlight the theme of "The Story about Yellow River", and the collection period is one month. By October 10, the entries and author information should be sent to

III. Selection

The expert panel of the competition organizing committee will determine thirty shortlisted entries, and select one champion, two runner-ups, three third-place winners, as well as the winner of best creative award, best shooting award, positive energy award, and best storytelling award. (Each entry shall receive no more than one award)

IV. Copyright

Entries must be original and first published. The copyright of others shall not be infringed. In case of copyright infringement, the designer shall bear all legal liabilities and the sponsor shall not bear any joint liability. The pictures submitted must be original or authorized by the owner, and any dispute arising from the pictures shall be borne by the participant himself/herself; for articles with the same (similar) content, the earlier received one shall prevail. In the case of winning works, the organizer shall have the full intellectual property rights of the work (including the script), including copyright, right to use and right to publish, and shall have the right to modify, combine and apply the work. The organizer reserves the right of the final interpretation of this competition, and the participants shall be deemed to agree with the above statement.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration