Secured Trips | Pay Tribute to All Those Who Stick to Frontline Work

During the National Day holiday, a series of activities with the theme of "Universal Celebrations, Graceful Garden Expo" were carried out in Zhengzhou Garden Expo. Tourists were presented with a pleasant, brilliant and amusing cultural tourism feast including the magnificent landscape, wonderful singing and dancing performances and the exciting Martial Arts Championship.

According to statistics, nearly 50,000 people visited the Garden Expo during the National Day holiday, with an average of more than 6,000 people every day, which put high requirements on the environment, health, safety and other issues in the Garden Expo. Nevertheless, tourists' sightseeing and mood were not affected. It is highly attributed to the hard efforts of the staff who silently contributed to the construction and development of the Garden Expo. They sacrificed their rest time, stuck to their posts and worked in the front line, creating a safe, comfortable and orderly environment for tourists.

To ensure the safety of tourists during the National Day holiday, Zhengzhou Garden Expo strictly implemented pandemic prevention and control measures, set up physical isolation barriers at the main entrance, marked out the safe distance line, adopted online real-name reservation and offline QR code scanning non-contact ticketing method and arranged staff to check visitors' health QR code, measure their body temperature, register their information, provide on-site guidance and one-on-one consulting services for them to ensure the safe and orderly admission of tourists.

The increase of passenger flow poses challenges to the Garden Expo to keep a good environment. During the National Day, Zhengzhou Garden Expo strictly carried out the disinfection of public areas and increased the frequency of cleaning of key areas to ensure the tidiness and order in the Garden Expo.

The Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Branch of Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau organized police to secure the Garden Expo and the important surrounding sections 24 hours a day together with the security forces of the Garden Expo, responsible for strengthening the command, guidance and control of traffic around the Garden Expo to ensure smooth traffic. At the same time, careful inspections were carried out on the personnel gathering places in the Garden Expo to ensure safety.

When visitors are having fun during the travel, it is such a group of honorable and lovely people who have always silently stuck to their posts and sacrificed their rest time to ensure a comfortable environment with dedicated actions. Thank you a lot!

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