A New Place Added for Children in Zhengzhou! The First Theme Park of Popular Science and Culture in Henan Opened

The Klein bottle without the distinction of “inside” and “outside” allows children to experience the wonders of non-directional planes while climbing; the Mobius ring sculpture allows visitors to intuitively see “an endless ring”; if you scan the QR code with your mobile phone, you can start an adventure in the green labyrinth... On holidays and weekends, you can take your children to the park for a visit, and you can have a lively experiencing class for popular science.

Site of the opening ceremony

On the morning of April 29th, the Xiwuhe Popular Science Park, located at the intersection of Zhongzhou Avenue and South Third Ring Road, Zhengzhou City, opened in full splendor and became a holiday gift to citizens on the eve of May 1.  This is the first park in the province with the theme of popular science and culture.  Rich popular science elements are integrated into every corner of the park, giving this place the potential to become an internet-famous place. 

Mathematician Shen Kuo, inventors Zhang Heng, Bi Sheng, Cai Lun, medical scientists Li Shizhen, Sun Simiao, Hua Tuo, scientist Xu Guangqi, traveler Xu Xiake... The theme sculpture "Light of Science and Technology" on the central square shows the images of nine ancient Chinese talents in different fields of science;

Fifteen scientific interactive devices, including a three-dimensional map, geocentric instrument, molecular sculpture, heaven and earth in tripod, acoustic bowl, disappeared animals, evolution wall, two-dimensional code maze, manual calculator, solar windmill, the interactive device of earthquake principle, interactive device of earthquake hazard and risk avoidance knowledge, are scattered in different places of the park, allowing visitors to learn popular science knowledge through experience;

There are 68 groups of 219 pieces of "huishi display" all over the park, which are the crystallization of scientific and technological wisdom with diverse disciplines and a wide range of categories. Each group of huishi is inlaid with QR code, and visitors can get relevant popular science knowledge by scanning the code...

Digital instrument: round slide rule model, which can rotate the wheel to carry out various operations

"The park has realized the transformation of popular science exhibition and teaching from indoor to outdoor, from static to dynamic, from traditional mode to information dissemination, and has become a" science and technology museum "without roof and an outdoor interactive paradise with the theme of science and technology."  Wu Yuhong, chairman of Zhengzhou Association for Science and Technology, said that Xiwuhe Park was one of 27 parks at the district level planned and constructed in Zhengzhou.  Since 2017, relying on the original natural landscape, the park has skillfully implanted popular science elements, allowing citizens to feel the charm of science and technology in their daily leisure.  In 2020, Xiwuhe Popular Science Park was recognized as a provincial popular science education base by the Provincial Civilization Office and the Provincial Association for Science and Technology.   

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