Activity | A Study-themed Tour Training That Brings Poetic Life and Beyond! Public-interest Training Offered by Study-themed Tour Branch of Zhengzhou Tourism Association Draws Attention from Many

What is the study-themed tour training about? And how can poetic life and beyond be introduced into the study tour training? How can we design such a training class in a rational way so that it is a real “class on the way”? A study-themed tour training activity, which is sponsored by Zhengzhou Tourism Association and organized by its Study-themed Tour Branch, was just held recently in Chianti Bay Spring Hotel, Zhengzhou.

During the training, experts and senior trainers were invited from within Henan Province to give lectures on topics such as the interpretation of policies and design on study-themed tourist products. This training attracted more than 200 people who are managerial staff from study tour training bases (camps), travel agencies, tourist attractions from inside and outside the province. It offered them a chance to discuss the way toward high-quality development of study-themed tourist products in Henan Province. The content-rich training class was broadcast on live stream platforms such as, Sohu·Henan, and a TV programmed called Zhong Yuan Ming Pian, attracting more than one million people to watch online.

According to Sun Caihua, vice president of Zhengzhou Tourism Association and president of Study Tour Branch, study-themed traveling has been popular among tourists in recent years as they enjoy learning and traveling at the same time. The Chinese educational philosophy and humanistic spirit of "reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles" has revitalized and become a new way of carrying out quality education in the form of study-themed tour products. This training activity was created with an aim to fully promote the in-depth integration of cultural tourism and education, create rich content and distinctive characteristics for the study-themed tourist products in Henan, and continue to explore new paths of the study-themed tour.

The training class had four parts in subjects, covering tourism policy interpretation and development status, the building of study tour training bases (camps), design and implementation of study tour training project, and study-tour tutors’ training. These subjects are aimed to further promote the healthy development of study tour projects, and create a "class on the way".

The training project set a goal of “educating people to establish morality, uniting ideology and deed, and focusing on cultivating new citizens of the era who are responsible for national rejuvenation." Liu Yang, secretary general of Zhengzhou Tourism Association, analyzed the tourism policy by borrowing many cases in his keynote speech themed "Policy Interpretation and Status Quo Analysis on Study-themed Tourist Products". He said that the training this time not only aimed to make participants understand what a study-themed tour is, the development prospects of study-themed tourist products, and the relation between study tour and traveling, but also guided the participants on what should be done from the practical perspective, and provided intellectual support for the creation and development of study-themed tour products.

Zhang Xiaoyu, deputy secretary of Zhengzhou Tourism Association and deputy director of Zhengzhou Study Tour Base (Camp) Evaluation Committee, explained and interpreted the Building, Management and Service Specifications on Study-themed Tour Base (Camp) and the Evaluation Criteria on Study-themed Tour Base (Camp) Ranking. He combined with a large number of cases regarding study tour base (camp) building to ease the understanding of the concept. He also lectured on the practical application of the general standards in specific locations, which benefited the participants a lot.

Zhang Shujuan, deputy director of Henan Holistic Study Tour Research and Development Center, vice president of Henan Study Travel Education Association, and director of Zhengzhou Tourism Association Study Tour Branch, gave a lecture on "Interpretation of Study-themed Tour Course Design". She believes that the study-themed tour is a new type of tourism product, which is the completion and extension of the concept of region-based tourism. The creation of study-themed tourism products and curriculum design will further explore new content of cultural tourism and activate new growth points in the cultural tourism economy.

During a study-themed tour, the study-tour tutor is a comprehensive talent playing the roles of a tour guide, a teacher, a psychological consultant, a guard, and a rescue worker. The tutor has the core role to promote study-themed tours. Sun Chunxia, director of Zhengzhou Tourism Association Study Tour Branch and marketing manager of Songshan Shaolin Scenic, stated in the special lecture "Study-themed Tour Tutor Training" that study-themed tour tutors must not only have rich knowledge, but also have the expertise and technical skills to guide tourists to carry out various experience activities. Research institutions related should scientifically built a study-themed tour tutor management organization system to promote the rapid development of the study-themed tourism industry.

Study-themed tourism products will embrace a spring. As practitioners of study-themed tourism, the trainees said that this public-interest training had benefited a lot. The training was not only rich in content, novel in training form, but also has a high professional level and is closely related to practice. It offered a chance for new understanding. The wonderful course on study-themed tourism attracted millions of people who are concerned about the topic to watch online. Online participants left such messages as "It enriched knowledge, improved the level of thinking, and I would love to thumb up for this class", "Benefited a lot, very good", "I hope Zhengzhou Tourism Association will hold more public welfare training courses" ...

It is learned that Zhengzhou Tourism Association will work with people working in study-themed tourism for the next stem to pay more attention to the integrated development of study-themed tourism and educational practice, the coordinated development of study-themed tourism and traditional tourism, and guide the standardized and orderly development of the study-themed tourism to create a new image and guarantee high quality for study-themed tourism. It is expected that the emergence and prosperity of study-themed tourism will upgrade and innovate the development of the tourism industry in Zhengzhou as well as the whole province.

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