Zhengzhou Int’l Garden Expo Attracts Enormous Visitors during the Golden Week

This Golden Week is the first 7-day national holiday since the opening of the 11th China (Zhengzhou) International Garden Expo, Shuanghe Lake Central Park and Site Park of Yuanling Ancient City. The three newly opened tourist attractions of Zhengzhou City have attracted a large number of visitors. Statistics show that during the Golden Week, the international garden expo has attracted 275,101 visitors, the central park has received about 160,000 tourists, and around 35,000 tourists were attracted to the site park.

During the holiday, 14,400 staff were engaged in the operation of the international garden expo. By October 8, the expo has attracted a total of 275,101 visitors, and the electric cars have served approximately 55,000 passengers. The number of vehicles parked at nearby parking lots totaled 49,284. It is said that to ensure that the expo can go off smoothly, competent authorities in Zhengzhou Airport Area in charge of public security, traffic, firefighting, transportation, food and medicine, power and other sectors joined hands to set up temporary command centers to ensure smooth traffic flow, food security and power system stability during the holiday in a coordinated way.

As a hot tourist attraction, the central park located in the Airport Area received around 20,000 visitors on average per day during the Golden Week. Meanwhile, it has sent out electric cars and maintenance vehicles over 500 times, handed out more than 40,000 tourist guide maps, and provided drinking water for over 20,000 visitors. During the holiday, Shuanghe Lake Central Park organized nearly 3,000 volunteers, with 14 service sites and 30-plus positions, providing visitors items like guide maps, umbrellas, perambulators, wheelchairs and bottled water, and services including depository, lost and found, lost child information, free phone charging, emergency medical treatment and tourism interpretation, as well as handling tourist complaint, which have won the praise of many visitors.

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