2021 Flower Admiring Festival at Daxiong Mountain Kicks off on March 20, A Feast for the Eyes of Dengfeng Citizen!

The flowers smell sweet in spring

La la la la la la

La la la la la la


Did you find

the first “ocean” of canola flowers

for this spring?

Stop searching!

Here presents you the beautiful scenery of Mount Song with ten miles of creek valley!

Here is a golden ocean of canola flowers!!!

Here is the home to various internet-famous destinations

Xianren Valley of Daxiong Mountain

is looking forward to your coming!

What are you waiting for?

The fourth Daxiong Mountain Admiring Flower Festival

will start on March 20!

Go hiking, flower admiring, touring mountains and rivers, visiting internet-famous destinations...

More fresh excitement is waiting for you to explore!

For those who want to climb mountains

there are wonderful hiking trails

which can let you enjoy the

beautiful scenery while exercising

All Dengfeng citizens, your bonus is coming

From March 20 to April 20

Dengfeng residents can purchase tickets at a discounted price of RMB 30 with their IDs

Enjoy a fun journey

Let's enjoy the spring discount!

For those who love to try fresh

there are colorful roller skating, glass overpass

and internet-famous swing

which can make you enjoy the play and interaction!!!

For those who want some more

they can also walk in the valley

breath the fresh air

and cry out audaciously

Spring is a season to have fun!!!

This spring, we are waiting for you in the Xianren Valley of Daxiong Mountain!


Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration