Grand Opening of the Festival on October 1

The full moon appears every Mid-Autumn Festival, yet different views show at the Greenery Theme Park every year. This year, in order to celebrate the two festivals together, the public are given eight days for traveling. It is known that “Our Festival-China (Zhengzhou) Mid-Autumn Festival 2017” will be held at the Greenery Theme Park from October 1 to 8, aiming to provide the general public with the best place for traveling with profound customs.

In order to welcome the two festivals, the preparatory work has been carried out at Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park Scenic Area which will make an innovation on its festive form, and add a poetic atmosphere, to show the connotation of folk customs during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and to make visitors know more about the history, present and future of Henan’s folk arts and crafts via exhibitions of works from folk artists in different times.

Many wonderful programs will be staged in turn, including the Folk Arts and Crafts Fair, Exhibition of Unique Skills on Folk Arts and Crafts, Exhibition of Tribute from the Central Plains, and Orchid Show along Silk Road of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. Meanwhile dozens of varieties made and demonstrated by over 100 folk craftsmen on site, such as clay sculpture, sugar art, dough modeling, Monkey Jiaguan, Rabbit Yeer, and Woodprint New Year Pictures, as well as unique specialties from the Central Plains, will show tourist profound cultural connotations of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in the most traditional way.

The Greenery Theme Park will extend the opening hours, so that people can enjoy the moon, scenery and delicious foods better. During the period from October 1 to 8, the evening show will be opened. On the occasion, colorful music fountains and romantic night scene will give you a totally different visual enjoyment. The food street—“Flavors from the Hometown” grandly launched this year, will be opened during the festival. Foods from eighteen provinces and municipalities are gathered together, including special snacks from Kaifeng, Poached Vermicelli with Vegetables from Anyang, and Dried Eggs without Turning from Jiyuan make you enjoy delicious foods in Henan as much as you like, without going out from the Greenery Theme Park.

Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park devotes itself to the promotion of traditional folk culture, and organizes folk cultural activities during traditional festivals, so as to build an excellent platform for cultural exhibition, and make more people know the connotation of traditional festivals better while traveling.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration