Songshan Shaolin Temple Welcomes “Chinese Bridge” Players

On October 25, more than 100 “Chinese Bridge” players from 105 countries of the five continents around the world came to Songshan Shaolin Temple to experience the unique charm of Chinese kungfu. On the morning of October 25, the delegation of “Chinese Bridge” players came to Songshan Shaolin Temple which is honored as “No. 1 Temple in China”. In the autumn morning, the ancient Shaolin Temple stands quietly among peaks and green trees. Shaolin Temple, located at the foot of Shaoshi Mountain, is a world famous Buddhist temple and the Zen Buddhism Ancestral Chamber of Chinese Buddhism. It occupies an important position in the history of Chinese Buddhism. Shaolin kungfu, with a long history and profound influences, is one of the most popular Chinese martial arts, and is the origin and supreme master under the heaven.

Many of these “Chinese Bridge” players are kungfu fans. At the sight of the gate of Shaolin Temple, Lu Jingmao, who is from New Zealand, couldn't help marveling, "Shaolin kungfu is an important part of Chinese culture. I was fascinated by it when I saw it on TV for the first time. I love Shaolin kungfu so much that my biggest wish in China this time is to see real Shaolin kungfu." After entering the gate, the players visited the core scenic spots of Shaolin Temple, such as Changzhu Compound, the Monument of Emperor Taizong of Tang, Qianfo Hall, Ancestors’ Hall, and the Tripitaka Sutra Pavilion. They listened to the legendary stories of the Shaolin Temple in the past thousand years, and learnt about the long-standing Zen culture. As the largest school in Chinese martial arts, Shaolin kungfu has more than 700 series of martial arts routines. Its most important characteristic is the Zen-Wushu integration, that is, integrating Zen culture into Wushu practices, so it is also known as "Zen Wushu". "I finally saw it today, and it was really out of the ordinary!" Shaolin warrior monks' wonderful performance in the Shaolin kungfu performance hall won a burst of applause and cheers. On the performance stage, wonderful Shaolin Boxing, Qigong, Pictographic Boxing, and skill shows in wielding the 18 kinds of weapons amazed the “Chinese Bridge” players, who cannot help taking photos continuously with their phones and cameras.

Some players cannot help imitating the warrior monks when they saw the highlights of the performance. "It is really great!" the players repeatedly praised, "Today I finally see the real Shaolin kungfu which I can only saw in movies and animations before. It is really out of the ordinary." The players were still immersed in it after the performance ended. "It is really incredible!" They rushed to share their feelings while walking. Jia Xiaoshan, a 14-year girl from Uganda, said, "It is for the first time I have seen such spectacular Chinese kungfu. It is much more wonderful than what I saw in movies. I didn’t expect there were so many types of Shaolin kungfu. It's amazing. I am very interested in Chinese kungfu." In the martial arts training hall of Tagou Martial Arts School, more than 50 kungfu boys brought wonderful martial arts teaching exhibition, such as Shaolin Xiongfeng, Shaolin Boxing, Shaolin Stunt, Picturesque Scenery, and the Youth of China.  The “Chinese Bridge” players marveled at the performance of a flying needle piercing the glass in the Shaolin Stunt. A performer quickly took a needle and threw it at a piece of glass in the front of his hand after making Qi circulation using Qigong. Suddenly, the balloon behind the glass was punctured by the flying needle. The performance won a burst of thunderous applause. "Their kungfu is really great! It's so amazing!" Hans, who is from Bolivia, happily showed the video he just shot while excitedly telling the reporter of, "I like Chinese kungfu very much, and I am also practicing Chinese kungfu. I love Chinese kungfu even more after watching this performance. I will definitely come here to learn Chinese kungfu in the future." The “Chinese Bridge” players were also moved by the enthusiasm of the 10,000-people gymnastic performance. Then they walked out of the martial arts training hall to the five-ring practice field of Tagou Martial Arts School. The students in this school stood on both sides of the road smiling and shouting, "Welcome." They also greeted these foreign friends with enthusiastic applause. The enthusiastic welcoming ceremony for “Chinese Bridge” players showed the hospitality of the Chinese people, especially the people of Zhengzhou. The “Chinese Bridge” players waved with smiles, expressing their thanks to these kungfu boys.

More than 10,000 students of Tagou Martial Arts School brought magnificent gymnastic performance, Shaolin Boxing, Tai chi and skill shows in wielding the 18 kinds of weapons in the five-ring practice field amid enthusiastic music and shouting. With the changing formation, they thoroughly interpreted the diversified and profound Chinese kungfu. "It is for the first time I have seen so many people performing kungfu together. It's amazing!" Wei Peng, who is from Estonia, said excitedly, "I will share the video on my mobile phone with my friends, and tell them all the exciting and shocking things I've seen!" “Welcome to China! Welcome to Henan! Shaolin kungfu welcomes you! Welcome to Zhengzhou, Henan!" the students of Tagou Martial Arts School shouted after the performance. These foreign friends were deeply moved by their enthusiasm and remembered beautiful Zhengzhou in mind.



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