Shengmao Restaurant


Located in downtown Zhengzhou, Shengmao Restaurant is a modern commercial hotel built in accordance with national standards of three-star hotel. Adjoining Zhengzhou municipal government to the west and adjoining the largest square (Greentown Square) to the north, it is situated at No.18, North Xinghua Street. In the vicinity of Binhe Park, the restaurant also enjoys a pleasant environment. With a total of 99 guest rooms and 50 parking spaces available to guests, the restaurant offers various services including catering, amusement, convention and exhibition.

Address: No.18, North Xinghua Street, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. 

Tel.: 0371—66776168 

Address and Star Level: Three-star in downtown Zhengzhou 

Hotel Type: Commercial hotel

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