Zhengfeng Park


   With an area over 1,000 mu, Zhengfeng Park is located at the ancient capital of Zheng and Han Kingdoms by Zhen River. It is one and only theme park focusing on the theme of The Book of Songs – Zhengfeng of 21 chapters in China. In Zhengfeng, there are 19 chapters describing love, making it the most significant feature of this book, which fully reflects the perfect combination of humanity and nature and harmonious unity of life and environment. In the park, river, bridge and road are interlinked with each other. Woods, water and pavilions form an enchanting contrast. The theme park consists of Zhengfeng Park, Zhengsheng Park, Historic Celebrities Park and Amusement Park. Main scenic spots include Yaoshui Pavilion, Zhengfeng Pavilion, East Gate of Zheng Kingdom, Crystal Spring Waterfall, Lotus Fairy Statue, Qinse Palace, Jiuqu Liuying and stone railing sculpture of Annals of the Kingdoms in the East Zhou Dynasty.

    Address: 50 meters west of Huangshuihe Bridge, Yuqian Road, Xinzheng City, Henan.  

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