Zero Bar


 This bar is of European style and full of elegance and romance. There are three floors in total with various recreational facilities, including Silence Bar, Performance Center, Disco Bar, Glass Compartment and KTV Room. Soft light music is played in Silence Bar. Various brands of imported liquor, red wine, beer, cocktail, other drinks, as well as self-made food are served here. Every night, performers give performances at Performance Center. With an eight-person dance team formed, they now create a style of performance featuring fashion, uniqueness and happiness. Disco Bar is equipped with foreign high-tech audio and lighting and provided with excellent sound men, lighting engineers and leading dancers. KTV room is equipped with imported VCDs, large-screen televisions, power amplifiers, microphones and loudspeaker boxes. The environment is beautiful, elegant and comfortable. Business hours: 19:30-1:30; Parking: over 40 bays; Characteristic services: 90 tables for around 500 customers, with complete in-house facilities and moderate prices.

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