Salted Spring Chicken

Mayuxing Salted Spring Chicken has 3 features that make it well-known:

1. Plump and quirky in shape;

2. Golden yellow and appetizing in color;

3. Fatty but not greasy, tender, fragrant, and crisp.

Special attention is given to the preparation of Mayuxing Salted Spring Chicken and to the choice of materials. Plump, fat live hens in the 1-to-3 age group weighing upwards of 1,250 grams, most preferably those with a thick layer of fat on the chest, are invariably opted for. The chicken is slowly cooked in soup-stock for about 2 hours to get it done. Before it is served, it is cut vertically into 2 halves and each half is further divided into the front part and the rear part. Deboned and arranged in orderly rows in the plate, it is crisp, tender, fragrant, and fresh, and has a distinctive flavor. The best part of Salted Spring Chicken is the chicken thigh with a fragrant smell and a delicate texture. A plate of sliced chicken thighs is a superb cold dish. Mayuxing Meat & Poultry Company in Kaifeng City is the only company in China that offers authentic Mayuxing Salted Spring Chicken.


Mayuxing Salted Spring Chicken thrice won “High Quality Product in Henan Province” honors in 1987, 1991 and 1981. It was awarded the High Quality Product Certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce in 1982, 1984, and 1987. In 1994, it was recommended by the China National Food Industry Association as a high quality product, and was well received by consumers at home and abroad for excellent quality and marketability. In December 1995, tests of Salted Spring Chicken and Braised Chicken coming in vacuum packaging were successful, leading to the construction of a soft SG-PF that rolls out products consumers welcome and endorse.

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