Dadi Laomocun Hotel



  “Laomocun” Hotel, an excellent privately-owned enterprise featuring local characteristics, has a seven-year-old history since its business started in 1998. Thanks to the judicious management, reasonable prices and thoughtful services, the hotel witnessed an increasingly prosperous business was awarded “Famous Restaurant for Henan Flavor Food”,Famous Restaurant of Henan” and other honorary titles for consecutive years. Currently, the hotel enjoys a great reputation across Zhengzhou City.“Laomocun” Hotel is a perfect destination for parties with friends, due to its simple, elegant and bright decoration, warm and distinctive room design, and ample parking lot. “Laomocun” Hotel always follows the business principle of “putting people first and always taking customers into consideration”.“Laomo cuisines” are the highlights of the hotel, and the homemade roast duck is therefore launched. To prepare the roast ducks, the first step is to choose the purebred “Hetian” young ducks. Such ducks are later roasted using traditional open-flame roasting method by burning natural fruitwoods, thus the roast ducks are endowed with tempting appearance, purplish-red color, crispy and juicy texture, and fat but not greasy mouth feel after going through 13 traditional procedures. The flavor is so unique and delicious that makes diners never stop. In order to make dishes closer to people’s life, on the basis of promoting the “Laomo cuisines”, the hotel made a bold and innovative decision to recruit some well-known chefs, and eventually launched the featured “Sichuan-style, Hubei-style and Hangzhou-style homemade cuisines”, thus definitely making your mouth full of fragrance and making you enchanted without any thoughts of leaving. In addition, “Laomocun” Hotel is bound to make you feel at your warm and comfortable home as a result of the advanced management, considerate services, elegant environment and working-class consumption.

  Transportation: Self- driving: Southeast Corner, Nongye Intersection, Shakou Road.

  Bus: No.130, 128, 27, 72k and 73; Subway: Metro Line B1.


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