Simmered Mutton with Scallion

Materials needed
[Major ingredient]: hindquarter mutton, 5 liang (a unit of weight equivalent to 50 grams).
[Minor ingredient]: scallion, 2 liang.
[Condiments]: soy sauce, 8 qian ( a unit of weight equivalent to 5 grams); cooking wine, 3 qian; monosodium glutamate, 2 fen (a unit of weight equivalent to 1/2 grams); (refined) white sugar, 2 qian; wet cooking starch, 1.5 liang; peanut oil, 1 jin (a unit of weight equivalent to 1/2 kilograms); oyster sauce, 1.5 liang; refined salt, 2 fen; egg, 5 qian; clear soup, 4 liang.
Preparation steps
[1] Cut mutton horizontally into thin slices. Put them into a bowl. Add wet starch (1 liang) and egg (5 qian). Stir the mixture smooth. Peel scallions, cut off the roots, wash them clean, and cut them into sections.
[2] Pour oil into the sautéing pan. Heat the oil until it is 50 or 60 percent hot. Put in mutton slices. Scatter them with the ladle. Toss in scallion sections. A short moment later ladle the oil out. Pour in clear soup. Put together a little monosodium glutamate, sugar, and refined salt. Stir the stuff even. Put in mutton slices. Thicken the soup with wet starch when the oil boils. Sprinkle a little tail oil over it. Scoop it into a plate. The dish is ready!
Tips Diners Need to Know
Mutton is intrinsically mild and is good for both young and old. Thoroughly cooked fatty sheep belly is the major ingredient of this dish. The belly is cut into strips, and then laid flat on the pot grate with fried yellow scallion sections and sliced bamboo shoots. Add soup-stock. Toss in condiments and simmer the mutton over medium-high heat. Empty it into the plate when the broth thickens. Thicken the broth in the pot with liquid starch. Add a little zanthoxylum oil before ladling it out. Sprinkle broth over it. The finished product is soft, fragrant, and mellow.

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